Friday, May 03, 2013

You Are A Bright Star

You are a Bright Star. A Heavenly Glow from the Soul of God. Be a Light of Truth. Be a Light of Spirit. Be a Light of Inspiration. Be a Light of Beauty. Be a Light of Transformation. Be a Light of Joy. Be a Light of Kindness. You are a Bright Star and this is your Time to Shine.

Beautifully Crafted are Women. They are Divine Sculptures placed on Earth as a Blessing. They are Works of Art in Gods Gallery. Each and every one a Masterpiece of Figure and Form. They have a Sacred Symmetry that Enchants and Enlightens. Beautifully Crafted are Women.

My Heart is Enriched by your Smile. My Soul is Enchanted by your Touch. My Spirit is Uplifted by your Wisdom and I am Transformed by your Love.

Sail with me along the River of Healing where Ancient Wisdom and Ancestral Blessings touch the Soul in ways Profound and Transformative for Together we can Align with the Heavens and Spread a Message of Hope that Embraces the Earth and Inspires Change.

There is something Beautiful inside of You waiting to be Liberated. There is something Transforming within eagerly anticipating the Moment it is set Free. Open your Heart and Soul that the Miracles that make their Home there can be Released and You can Experience the True Joy of Being Alive.

Love this Day. Enjoy its full Spectrum of Beauty. Free your Spirit, Find your Wings and make every Moment an Inspiring Prayer. Know your Purpose and Leap into the Light. Live this Day.

The Earth Whispers and the Universe answers by Planting Seeds of Love from which Beings of Light Grow.

Life is a Shamanic Dance for those who are Passionate about the Earth. It is a Dance of Spiritual Freedom and Celestial Connections that Unleash the Magick and Transform the Soul.

Clarity and Understanding arises from Deep Within when we take the Time to Love, Honor and Respect Ourself.

True Compassion comes from a Place of Love. It is a Gift born of Kindness that Cultivates a Calm, Gentle and Caring Nature. Transform your Soul by Looking within at the Unimaginable Treasures Inspired by Compassion and Kindness.

Have Faith in Yourself. Pray at the Altar of the Soul with the Knowledge that You are the Answer. Believe in Yourself.

Compassionate Change Creates a more Joyful Way of Being. It Manifests a State of Love and Oneness which makes every Moment a Beautiful and Special Experience. Compassion is the Ingredient that makes any Change a Simple and Sacred thing.

Brightens Somebody's World. Look at each day as an Opportunity to Change a Life. Let your Goal be to put a Smile on the Face of someone who is struggling. Let your Purpose be to Uplift and Inspire. Brighten Somebody's World.

Love is a Flower which Blossoms best when Admired by those who Experience Beauty. Experience the Good in Others. Experience the Miracle of Living. Experience Inner Harmony and Enlightenment. Experience Smiling Faces and Gentle Touches. Life is never meant to be Watched or Waited for. It is meant to be Experienced.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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