Friday, May 24, 2013

Heaven has a Sandbox

I know that Heaven has a Sandbox for my Soul is Guided by Purity and my Spirit is Inspired by Innocence.

I will Experience Joy. I will Walk in Peace. I will live with Respect and Understanding. I will Open myself to Possibilities. I will go Beyond my Beliefs. I will generate Happiness and Harmony. I will be Positive in Thought and I will Embrace the Flow of Divine Love. This is what I will do Today!

We best serve Humanity by Cultivating a Lifetime of Joy. The Happier and more at Peace we are the better able we become to Manifest an Enlightening Environment that Transcends the Ordinary. It is Smile on the Face of Love that will Heal the World.

i am of a mind to help people flourish. the spirits are calling me to rejoice in my gifts and share them with others. i live with intention and intend to dive deep into my existence that i may ride waves of waking dreams to the sun and moon of my soul. my passion is to use my life teachings to transform lives. my purpose is to find soulful answers which give meaning to the lives of those seeking enlightenment. the angels are whispering in my heart and asking me to live well, love honestly and embrace my higher self. i have within me an ancient knowledge and ancestral wisdom and i am releasing them into the universe that all may benefit from their beauty. my name is micheal. i am the ancient one.

Inspire your Imagination and Imagine a World of Wonder where you Live your Purpose and Love your Path.

In the Garden of Sacred Reflections i see Clearly the Beauty of my Youth and Realize that to have a Happy Life i need only return to the Purity and Perspective of the Child i once was.

Celebrate your own Destiny. Rejoice in the vast Ocean of Light within. You are an Awakening Dream and now is the time to go Beyond what you Believe and do those things which make your Heart Sing.

My Thoughts float around me waiting to be Chosen for their Mission of Light and Love.

My True Self Plays with Unicorns. My True Self has Treasures to Share. My True Self takes a Heart Open Approach to Life and Love. My True Self Channels Divine Energy that Enlivens and Enlightens the Lives of Others. My True Self Embraces Empathy that it may Walk a Sacred Path of Compassion and Kindness. My Mission in Life is to Acknowledge, Accept and Appreciate my True Self.

A Cosmic Perspective will Expand your Consciousness with Answers from Spirit and Guidance from the Gods.

Inhale Deeply and allow the Uplifting Energy of Sacred Mother Earth to fill your Soul with Vitality and Joy.

Let us Build a Community United in Love and Kindness. Let us Embark on a Emboldening Adventure of Spiritual Inspiration. Let us make every Moment Magickal and Let us Create the kind of World we can be Proud of.

A Life of Service to the Light is a Heart Centered Existence of Angel Blessings and Divine Harmony.

Enchanted are the Children for they Communicate with a True Purity that Touches the Heart and Illuminates the Love within.

Empower Yourself, Inspire Yourself, Enrich Yourself, Illuminate Yourself, Believe in Yourself, Honor Yourself, Enlighten Yourself, Bless Yourself and Love Yourself.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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