Friday, October 18, 2013

You are a Wonderful Gift

create a sacred environment that celebrates other realms and yours will be a rewarding path of greater self understanding. with clear intention build a solid foundation of love and yours will be a refreshingly positive journey of devotion that raises your hands in joy. share the beauty of that which makes you unique and yours will be a ceremony of spiritual illumination that blesses and energizes one and all. you are a wonderful gift and life is yours to shape in any way you choose.

mine is a prayer for planetary well being. a prayer in harmony with the heavens. a prayer of guidance and perspective. mine is a prayer for better people to create a better world that our children and their children may have a better life. mine is a prayer.

walk with me along avenues of exploration and together we will light a fire of hope and create positive change.

When we Build our Lives on a Foundation of Spirit we Inspire ourself and others to Light the Lamp of Love and pursue their Hopes and Dreams with a Passion and Purpose that Transcends and Transforms.

inspire yourself by sharing with others a gentle embrace and a kind word for it is when we show our love and compassion that our light shines brightest.

connect more deeply with the wisdom of sacred mother earth and yours will be a magickal journey of radiant vibrant energy and a reverence for all life.

a passionate joy for life liberates the soul and cultivates authenticity. celebrate life and the beauty of your humanity and divinity will flow seamlessly into the souls of every path you cross creating a temple of light which illuminates all that is good.

positive passionate people are the ones who take inspired action to change the world. they are the ones who illuminate and inspire others with the purity of their soul and the greatness of their heart. be positive. be passionate. be the miracle.

hear your angels and make your life a prayer of compassion that purifies the soul and inspires others to express their love and gratitude in a joyful way.

give love freely and life becomes a place of wholeness where wonderful opportunities create a flow of love which connects hearts and inspires souls.

It is when we Open ourselves to the Divine and Nourish our Spirit that we Realize we are Living in a Miracle.

i am grateful to be alive. i listen to the voice of my heart. i live more fully and facilitate spiritual transformation. i am grateful to be alive. i nourish my faith. i am grounded in wisdom. i am grateful to be alive. i explore new possibilities. i heal the soul with sacred knowledge. i am grateful to be alive. i embrace the world with enlightened empathy. i live to love and love my life. i am grateful to be alive.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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