Friday, October 04, 2013

Who Are You On This Day

Who are you on this Day - Are you a Precious Gift on a Path of Joy. Are you a Boundless Beauty of Radical Aliveness. Are you a Nurturing Dream of a Brighter Future. Are you a Shamanic Soul of Deepening Perception who Serves the Highest Good. Are you your True Self - Who are you on this Day

all paths are healing paths where if you feel compassion for yourself you experience sacredness in a beautiful way.

walk the extra mile towards a brighter and more beautiful tomorrow. take the extra step into the light of a new dawn. reach through your limitations into other realms and dimensions. opportunity and possibility are the treasures we discover when we are brave enough to venture beyond our boundaries.

the divine shines when we are alive with wisdom and knowledge for we are moving in the right direction and soon will be surrounded by love and immersed in good.

Talk with Angels and a Joyful Feeling will embrace you in a way that Inspires you to Elevate Peoples Awareness and Raise Peoples Consciousness.

the uplifting truth is that you are a wonderful soul and the moment you open yourself fully to receiving, your life becomes a sacred experience of spiritual revelations where angels sing and sunbeams dance.

a divine blessedness dwells in the realms of spirit and by journeying there we enter a peaceful and dreamlike state that will inspire us to enjoy the beauty of who we are and to embrace with joy and delight the splendors of heart and soul.

Relax into your Body and allow the Expanding Spirit the Opportunity to Massage your Soul that you may be immersed in Bliss and enveloped by Love.

clear and good intentions give birth to the experience of joy and transform life in ways simple yet profound.

divine is the love that dances across the cosmos and extends its soul to the heavens for it is a love of promise and hope that affirms the sacred.

uplifted and transformed are those with a special purpose to learn from within and be nourished by the fruits of their sacred harvest for theirs is a beautiful life force that ascends to the sunlight.

We are all Teachers and Healers who Inhabit a Holy Space that is Unlimited and Eternal. By embracing the Sacredness of all things we Contribute to the Universe in a way that Creates a Kind of Love that Transcends. Teach Me and I will Teach You. Heal Me and I will Heal You. Love Me and I will Love You.

this is what i wish for: an abundant life, passion and purpose, peace and freedom, kindred souls guided by spirit, honesty and sincerity, kind words and gentle hearts, global compassion and universal light, happiness and a joyful expression of love that benefits all beings.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )


Diane Massad said...

A refreshing read in the current hours of rampant raging and rants and reckless behavior. Thanks for 'penning' the post.

Diane Massad said...

Posting the words...prying open some cranny.