Friday, October 11, 2013

Your True Purpose

your true purpose is to follow your passions and dreams. to fill your life with empowering and blissful experiences. to share the greatness within you. to explore sacred realms. to embrace innate spiritual connections. to listen to the guidance of ancients and ancestors. to know a deep sense of joy. to laugh. to learn. to live. to love. this is your true purpose.

Bless the Good for they serve Humanity by Lighting the Way for Others that they may Blossom into their Greatness.

celebrate your uniqueness. rejoice in the magnificence of your soul. dance in the sunlight of your spirit and awaken to the miracle of your life. you are worthy and you are wonderful. celebrate.

Within your Higher Self is a Cosmic Gateway which when Opened will Transform your Life with Healing Vibrations and Empowering Alternatives that Light the Way to Love.

reward yourself by finding the hidden treasures within for this is a time of transformation and you are ready to soar.

in sacred groves where angels dance i walk in balance and serenity with the knowledge that life is a bountiful harvest for those who live with a joyful exuberance and a love that waves bright.

I Believe in the Opportunity to Grow. I Believe in a Love that Heals. I Believe in Shamanic Ideals. I Believe in the Enrichments of Life. I Believe in the Power of Positive Thoughts and Intentions. I Believe in You. I Believe in Me. I Believe.

Life becomes a Journey of Ancient Wisdom and Ancestral Healing the Moment we look within and see with Clarity the Compassion of the Heart and Beauty of the Soul.

giving, nurturing, sharing and nourishing are spiritual gifts and it is when we use those gifts to serve others that we create a life that is profound and meaningful.

Living in the Light creates a Greater Spirituality which leads to a more Caring and Generous way of Life where Compassion Flowers and there is always a Song in your Heart.

it is through purification and liberation that we expand our horizons. it is through esoteric exploration and loving awareness that we soar beyond our boundaries. life is ours to create. life is ours to live. life is ours to love. welcome to a new life.

the beautiful healing energy of positive thought brings awareness to the heart and radically changes your world that you may live a happier life.

align with the universe and a personal transformation of divine energy and consciousness will begin where life's gifts unfold as you become inspired and healed.

Love your Life more. Love the Joyous Embodiment of Light that is your Birthright. Love the Exquisite Path of Spiritual Evolution before You. Love every Intimate and Personal Experience that leads you to a Higher State of Consciousness. Love the Beauty of Who You Are. The more we Love our Life the Better our Life will Be. Love your Life more.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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