Thursday, November 03, 2016

Make yours a Life dedicated to Self Discovery

make yours a life dedicated to self discovery where you feel good about being alive and yours will be a sacred voyage infused with kindness that is empowering and uplifting.

a sincere wish to help others transforms and awakens us which makes us a beacon of light and love.

you are a healing force of loving intention whose remarkable gifts and abilities wait within for you to discover your greatness and live your miracle.

we grow and evolve into a love filled vibrational life when we accept the truth that we are pure positive luminous spiritual beings.

to open yourself to higher sources is to embrace the heart of humanity in a sacred manner that is deeply inspired which guides you to a beautiful path of pure love.

create a sacred space where you may immerse yourself in the light of intention as this is a generous and kind endeavor that will change your life in beneficial ways.

you are a miracle in progress divinely guided along a path of intuitive and spiritual development whose highest destiny is one of sacred healing love bathed in waves of joyous energy.

mindful self compassion is a metaphysical resource that helps us manifest a brighter future by showing us ways to transform.

be kind to yourself for acts of love are tremendous gifts of spiritual significance that show the world just how remarkable you are.

we are one and by loving each other we can create spiritual communities of divine light that stimulate positive change and make the world a more sacred and beautiful place.

there is beauty unfolding and joy in every moment for those generous souls whose path is one of positive loving energy and sacred healing experiences.

step into your wisdom and enter into wholeness as doing so will inspire you to learn more about yourself which will guide you home to the heaven in your heart.

a smile can be an extraordinary act of kindness which immerses us in spiritual insight that we may experience the miracle of knowing and live the love that is our destiny.

seek out new experiences which facilitate spiritual friendships that connect you to the sacred and yours will be a life embraced by light where you traverse landscapes of love.

focus on compassion and you will experience deep growth that makes you better able to serve humanity and achieve your goals.

sweet is the freedom we reward our self with when we embrace the power of positive intention as this is a sacred choice that activates joy and makes meaningful moments of deep divine fulfillment.

a simple shift in perspective can be a profoundly meaningful act of divine wisdom that cultivates mindfulness and releases the love that grows within.

live your life in love with who you are for yours is a journey to the highest good and by engaging in meaningful activities of self loving care your honor your essence and celebrate your existence.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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