Friday, November 25, 2016

Bathe Your Life In Deeply Transformative Experiences

live your greatness by immersing yourself in the spiritual gifts within as this will strengthen your connection with the divine and bathe your life in deeply transformative experiences.

holistic intentions and a positive perspective open us to messages from the universe that we may walk a path of rewarding relationships empowered by the light.

you are a beautifully crafted sacred soul and by believing in yourself you create a flow of loving energy that fills your life with profound experiences and insights from beyond.

your dreams are closer than you know. they are waiting for you to open the door of opportunity and step through. our dreams become realities when we make the choice to live them.

awareness of self inspires us to live our life in simple profound ways which immerses our heart and soul in harmonious, peaceful and compassionate energy leading us to a place of joyous life experiences.

divine reality is a blessing of empowering inspiration that liberates our lives and leads us to our highest and greatest purpose.

walk with me a life affirming path in which we use our unique sacred abilities to be compassionate spiritual helpers that make a difference in every life we touch with love.

help people empower themselves and you help yourself live the best life possible.

within you are intuitive gifts and healing vibrations which will reveal themselves when you allow your being to evolve spiritually as it is when we grow our spirit that we fully realize the magnificence of our existence.

learn to love yourself for once you do yours will become a blissful quest in which you are engaged spiritually where you connect more closely with the miracle of life and the magick of who you are.

greater dimensional fields of divine brightness and moments of total enlightenment are waiting for us to discover that ours is a collective spiritual evolution to be loved, honored and celebrated.

you purify, energize and change your vibration by loving yourself in positive empowering ways.

invite angels into your life as they will teach you that you are a profoundly gifted being of light whose life has a divine purpose.

ours is an energetic universe and by living beautifully you create a joyful union that nurtures your passions and infuses dimensions of your being with miracles of a celestial nature.

expressing your true voice is a spiritually self empowering act which creates a life force flow of energy that embraces your world with messages of light and love.

you are a vessel of light and when you share the blessings of your heart you honor your journey in a way that assists and empowers yourself and others.

you are a unique masterpiece and by staying true to yourself you open a gateway to the miraculous power of the lightness of your being.

a great love for all is something to be soulfully celebrated as it is a sacred choice that creates a path of earthly and heavenly experiences which illuminate our path with grace, glory and a beauty most divine.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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