Thursday, December 01, 2016

The Experience of True Happiness

sacred behavior merges heart and soul as it opens us to the experience of true happiness.

give yourself permission to use your extraordinary abilities and angelic vibrations to transform your life into one of divine blessings and ethereal bliss.

give to yourself and the world around you the gift of an open heart and yours will be a life in harmony with the soul.

we all have at the core of our being life changing energies which when unleashed enliven the spirit while showering us with messages from the divine.

explore who you are and you will discover the miracle of being alive for it is by truly understanding the beauty of our sacred self that we create spiritual friendships and open gateways to love.

remember to love yourself and yours will be an awakened path that touches the now in a way that allows you to heal through awareness.

you are a gift from above. you are a catalyst for good. you are a sacred spirit born of beauty and truth whose life is a blessing. you are breathtakingly divine. i love who you are.

our very being is filled with blessings in disguise and each time we discover one we find another light within that will guide us to mystical experiences and an infinite amount of love.

listen to the whispers within and your hearts intelligence will guide you to a place of spiritual knowledge that is wonderfully uplifting and positively profound.

open yourself fully that all may feel your loving presence and experience your true compassionate nature as you embrace their heart and soul with a light most sacred.

thoughtful acts of compassionate understanding are blessings we bestow upon the world which enlighten our journey and enrich our lives.

profoundly significant is your unique spiritual path and by dancing in the light of its sacredness you experience true healing for it is at that moment when we truly believe in our divinity that miracles begin.

live meaningfully by celebrating your life and changing the way you experience the world as these simple acts facilitate spiritual enlightenment.

infuse your life with unconditional self love and you will become aware of just how magnificent you truly are.

live from the heart by walking a path that reflects your intentions as this will allow you to receive and experience love in beautiful ways that are conducive to spiritual growth.

with guidance, wisdom and intuitive intelligence we lift the soul to a state of heightened awareness where we are showered with inspirational messages that create within us an extraordinary transformation.

to be a happier person you must simply look within as by doing so you will see that you are pure love and realize just how good it is to be alive.

awaken to who you truly are for you are a being of great love whose heart is pure.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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