Thursday, December 22, 2016

Inhale Bliss and Exhale Love

inhale bliss and exhale love unto all beings as you open your eyes to the blessings of life for it is when our intentions are sacred that we create something extraordinary and our path becomes one that serves this world and beyond.

divine is the guidance we receive when we listen to the whispers of our heart and wisdom of our soul.

there is something far more beautiful than you could ever imagine waiting beyond your boundaries for you to open its gateway to goodness and find your way home.

the spirit blossoms and ignites what lights the soul when we explore the sacred in deepening ways that serve others.

be grateful for your blessings for they are many and while you may not always see or feel them they will appear more frequently when you listen with your heart and truly believe in their positive inspiring presence.

your smile is a loving beacon of light that embraces the divine in all with a meaningful message that blossoms outward making the world a better place.

make simple changes that allow you to be of service to humanity and the pure light of divine love will bestow upon your sacred self a blessing of miracles that help you create a life of healing and happiness.

the heart flowers when we set our compass to higher vibrational realities as it knows that when our intentions are sacred we open pathways that lead beyond our boundaries where mind, body and soul may blossom freely.

you are a miracle and by loving and believing this profound truth you light the flame of joy as you make life beautiful in meaningful and magickal ways.

brilliantly beautiful are we. for we are angels on earth whose pure soulful essence is waiting for us to awaken and bless the world with waves of poetically spiritual energy that is breathtakingly ethereal.

the heart whispers gently words of loving wisdom and if we truly truly listen we feel a greater sense of aliveness as we are divinely guided into the light.

may ours be a love so great that whenever we share it miracles happen and life becomes a mystical journey of joyous revelation and blissful transformation.

its time you met your higher self for it is at the moment we encounter our true glory and greatness that we learn to love who we are and embrace the light with angelic appreciation.

close your eyes and open your heart and soul to sacred visions that glow with happiness as this will give higher meaning to your life by empowering you to grow as you expand your awareness in a way that makes you truly feel your aliveness.

we are born to bloom. we are born to flower on the earth in a way that awakens the higher self. we are born to live a life of joy. we are born of light and love. bless this and every day by celebrating the miracle of your birth.

the more you value and embrace every part of yourself the sooner you awaken to the sacred as loving who we are is a divine act of kindness which transforms our life in deep meaningful ways.

once we believe that we exist beyond the physical we begin to manifest a diverse and poetic reality in which we delight in our destiny as we share our pure essence and magnificence.

the mind awakens and we birth a new reality when we create a home in our thoughts for those things that make us feel more spiritually alive.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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