Thursday, December 08, 2016

Life Transforming Blissful Experiences

use your spiritual strengths in kind and compassionate ways as this will lead to life transforming blissful experiences of wonderment and peace.

choose your future by planting positive seeds of radiant goodwill from which will grow a light of truth that will illuminate your path will love.

loving yourself will help you make deeper connections that invite miracles and blessings into your life.

we are multi dimensional beings and by believing in our celestial selves we open our heart and soul to the powers of the universe making it possible to reach the divine grace of this galaxy and beyond.

open yourself to the flow of sacred wisdom within and it will lead you to sacred pathways of empowerment where you may use your abilities and gifts to create a positive state of liberation.

enjoy the journey by making it one of spiritual exploration as the discoveries that encompass each moment will awaken the light within allowing you to see the true beauty of your existence.

whether we believe it or not we all live extraordinary lives and by accepting this blessing we can create a spiritual environment of multi dimensional awareness where the divine presence within infuses our heart and soul with a love most sacred.

listen to the whispers of the heavens and yours will be a life inspired by angels where your very essence is bathed in waterfalls of wisdom that open you to universal truths as you experience the light in all its glory.

a profound commitment to walking a positive path awakens the soul which inspires us to weave a beautiful tapestry of divine love that connects us to our higher self.

may the cosmic energy of mother earth make yours a beautiful journey of sacred light that enchants and enlightens your world with love.

liberate your true self and yours will be a heart centered life in which your spirit guides you along a blossoming path to bliss.

enhance your life now by living your purpose in a manner that allows you to experience the joy of being in ways that embrace the soul with love and grace.

we achieve wholeness and happiness when we use our gifts of inspiration to manifest the miraculous.

let us free our deep authentic essence that we may walk into our beautifully illustrated life in a way that replenishes the spiritual energy within and awakens us to our divine purpose.

embrace your desires with a reverence for life and yours will be a path of sacred ancient knowledge where every moment is a blessing that manifests the positive.

you are an enlightened being and by taking a whole hearted approach to the miracles in your life you open gateways to powerful and beautiful pathways to the divine.

you are a divine expression of all that is sacred and by joyfully celebrating your ethereal essence you will feel more connected lo life as you heal in powerful ways.

feel the pulse of creation as it vibrates within you and let it guide you to a blissful state of being in which you blanket the world with your powerful magnetic presence.

a profound sacred awakening occurs when we bless the world with the uniqueness of who we are for it is by sharing our light that we build spiritual foundations that make ours a happier and more meaningful existence.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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