Thursday, December 29, 2016

Breathe in the Light of Creation

breathe in the light of creation and let its love bathe you in healing waters that you may experience the magick and enchantment of life in a manner that aligns with your true intentions and higher self.

devote yourself to seeking the simple pleasures in life and you will feel more alive as you are guided toward joy.

joyful blissful awareness comes to us when we shine a positive light on our true sacred self for it is when we reveal our divinity to the universe that the energies of love open our life to miracles.

embrace the sacred flow of energy within and you will connect to the world around you in soulful ways that illuminate the spirit thereby bringing you divine clarity and positive change.

one moment at a time make changes that are beneficial. one breath at a time nourish your heart and soul. one day at a time allow your spirit to fly free. one life at a time be who you were born to be. we have the ability to shape our life as we choose one moment at a time.

conspire with the universe to make this a day of beauty where you walk a spiritual path to a place of greater understanding which opens sacred doorways into breathtaking realms of cosmic glory and celestial transformation.

trust in your divine self as this is a soul freeing choice opens gateways to wellness where life is beautiful and change is always possible.

you are ready to shine. you are ready to walk a path of beauty and goodness. you are ready to experience the blessings of life. you are ready awaken to your greatness. you are ready to embrace the essence of spirit. you are ready.

share a laugh and a smile as this is an expression of love that will change the moment into something sacred and beautiful.

we help each other heal when we share our compassionate wisdom and sacred light for we are beings of celestial resonance whose energy is of great comfort when given freely with positive intent.

significant change is upon us and those who listen to the voice of spirit will be inspired to take positive action and create something beautiful that will make the world a better place.

open your eyes to the truth and beauty of your sacred self and yours will be a path of blessings and miracles that transforms life in unique and wonderful ways.

i choose not to be guarded by angels but to be inspired by them that i may set my soul free as i celebrate the glory and beauty of life and living.

you are an expression of love and by sharing this truth you bring happiness to others as you create a greater reality which connects to the light.

i am on an akashic journey of blissful relaxation that aligns with my highest truth where the compassionate light of my sacred self inspires me to be the love i am and to share that blessing with each and every soul i encounter along the way.

greater self confidence awakens the spirit which illuminates a path of sacred blessings that lead to heavenly realms where we may joyously live the beauty of our unique divine being.

create your own karma. create moments that uplift and empower. create pathways to the heart. create a luminous energy field of love and lightness. life is yours to shape and if you believe you can create miracles.

we have the gift of life and that gift becomes more fulfilling when we share its beauty with others as this makes ours a sacred journey of the greatest and highest good.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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