Thursday, January 05, 2017

Swim with Me in Peaceful Waters

swim with me in peaceful waters where together we may bathe in the beauty of our sacred essence as we ride waves of bliss to worlds of enlightenment dressed in rainbows of love.

let your anthem be one of self love whose melody inspires souls to dance and whose lyrics invoke the divine thereby making life a celebration.

you are a blessing to all and when you share your inner joy you contribute positively to the world which illuminates your life and the lives around you in a way that awakens divinity and inspires a life of infinite beauty.

this beautiful planet is positively empowering when we see with eyes of spirit and feel with the soul of our sacred self as this connects us to the vibrations of joy and mystical glory of our miraculous world of wonders.

heartfelt devotion to creating a path of sacred significance and positive loving messages, changes the course of life making it a journey of light that leads to a more beautiful world.

embody the blessing of who you are and the miracle of the love within as this will create divine experiences that uplift and heal.

spiritual diversity creates shamanic experiences that open us to new possibilities in which we make choices from a place of love as we manifest a life of meaning and miracles.

express kindness and you beautify your soul as you bestow upon the world the wonders of the heavens within you.

breathe with intention, walk with purpose and live with the knowledge that you are a powerful being of celestial beauty and divine light whose essence is love.

a path of soul based living blesses and heals for it it by choosing to make ours a journey of divine intentions that we bring about positive change.

there is a light that shines within the halls of hope which when embraced guides us to our divine destiny. walk with confidence into the light and immerse yourself in the beauty of your sacred purpose.

by seeking to serve the highest good we enrich our experiences making ours a deeply fulfilling and uplifting life of miracles and spiritual transformation.

feed your life with greater wholeness and you awaken the spirit which makes the experience of being alive more sacred and beautiful.

learn to love yourself and you light up your life in extraordinary ways that change your world each day into one of greater happiness where you flourish with aliveness as you blossom into beauty.

you have a special purpose and that purpose is to be who you truly are for you are a radiant being of sacred origin whose light is meant to fill the world with love.

choose to make changes which turn beliefs into actions as this will empower your future in profound ways that bring joy and happiness to your world.

do those things that leave you feeling empowered and yours will be a rich adventurous life of intoxicating beauty where love flows freely.

the more you love being you the more you empower your spirit for it is when we fall in love with ourselves and our lives that we discover our higher purpose as we soar to new heights of sacred freedom and awareness.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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