Thursday, January 12, 2017

Illuminate the True Sacred Beauty of Who You Are

the healing power of the soul is waiting for you to believe in yourself as this is an act of self love which enhances spiritual life with mystical manifestations that illuminate the true sacred beauty of who you are.

happiness is a choice and every time you make that choice you live your higher calling for the universe wants you to be happy.

create self happiness by immersing yourself in the light of your essence as this will open gateways to spiritual transcendence where you may frolic in the realms of angels.

you are the master of your soul and by embracing this enlightening truth you become self empowered thereby makings yours a life of mystical revelations and divine love.

faith flourishes and miracles happen when we awaken to our truth and shine its loving light on our path.

use the powerful healing energy within to uplift yourself today for it is by believing in our gifts that we live a spirit filled life in which we connect to the universe.

to know and love ourselves is an holistic experience that guides us to mystical dimensions where we are immersed in the sacred source of life.

spiritual well being comes to us when we use our empathic abilities to create positive outcomes.

live your life fully and freely with passionate intent and illuminating wisdom for you are a soul in development whose destiny is forged in the heavens.

imagine into existence a magickal state in which you use your miraculous powers to make positive life changes that provide sacred nourishment for the heart and soul.

together in love let us walk a path through extraordinary and enlightening fields of light into a place of higher knowing where we may unite with the powers of the universe in a celestial dance of joy and happiness.

generously and lovingly nourish all aspects of your life as this is an act of positive self empowerment that leads to spiritual transcendence.

within you is a door to awareness which when opened reveals hidden treasures which lead to sacred places where nothing but love exists.

pray with me in temples of light where ancestral voices speak to the soul with messages of love that create profound lasting transformation.

live your true essential nature and yours will be a better life enhanced by an inner state of joy and an outer state of divine beauty and bliss.

spiritual gifts emerge when we reach beyond our boundaries to realms of heartfelt truths where we embrace the beauty of life in ways that stimulate mind, body and soul.

as enlightened beings of compassionate intelligence we have the ability to use our life force energies to manifest a sacred reality in which we heal ourselves and others as we dance our way into a full and beautiful life.

align with your sacred self and the heart expands as gateways to the divine open and invite you in.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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