Thursday, January 26, 2017

Open Portals of Love that Illuminate and Inspire

compassionate service to ourselves and others creates waves of delight which saturate our path with sacredness and pure knowingness that we may open portals of love that illuminate and inspire.

choose to empower yourself. decide to cultivate loving kindness. make a commitment to shaping your world with love. life is a canvas and you are an artist. make yours a portrait of divine poetic beauty and true inner peace.

within the smallest moments are the greatest achievements for it is through simple acts of compassion that we manifest limitless wellsprings of love.

life is filled with lyrical moments of energetic nourishment and by listening closely and dancing to our sacred song we become deep meaningful luminous beings of freedom and fulfillment.

within our sacred self is an extraordinary tapestry of revelation and radiance whose magickal healing properties are released when we when we take the thread of spirit and weave a quilt of loving kindness to warm and comfort the world around us.

we are made of light and by shining that light in vibrant and joyful ways we create awakened experiences that immerse us in life changing experiences that embrace each moment with love.

as we grow in spirit we learn to open our heart more which allows us to see our world in a positive light thereby empowering us with an awareness that inspires us to heal ourselves happy.

i am a highly spiritual person who lives in illuminating ways by walking a path of joyful appreciation as i freely express my love.

investigate the mysteries of life and you will discover magickal possibilities which give birth to a new reality where yo u recognize the divine in everything as you embrace your true soul essence.

we are celestial beings and when we live our sacredness by sharing the light of love our journey becomes one of transformational lessons in which we empower others to grow.

make yours a life of holistic quality and you will connect with higher realms of inspirational wisdom as you create the happiness you desire.

be who you truly are a beautiful being of divine light and love whose life is meaningful and significant.

once i understood and accepted that mine is a mission to serve my higher path and purpose my life became a blessing of spiritual growth and healing.

we truly blossom at a soul level when we engage in acts of celestial communication for it is by listening to the positive teachings of our angels and ancestors that we experience profound shifts which ignite our passion and make our purpose one of extraordinary beauty.

new realities of well being and wholeness are created in this rapidly changing world when we commit to a life of spiritual balance and sacred soul expression.

discover the divine light within and open yourself to its beauty. to discover the light is to begin a journey of pure love in which you create a life of intense joy and happiness that is magickal.

you have natural intuitive gifts and by using that blessing to reach beyond the physical to realms of angelic inspiration you are embraced by the highest possible awareness of the joyously beautiful miracle of your existence.

express your sacred gifts as you share your personal journey and you will illuminate your heart as you honor your divinity.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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