Thursday, February 02, 2017

Divine Centeredness and Sacred Beauty

profoundly inspired, empowering a nd life changing are those blessed souls who find complete well being through divine centeredness and sacred beauty.

a compassionate spirit which listens to the voice of the soul is a blessing of insight and inspiration that embraces our existence with the beautiful sunshine of a life most sacred.

ultivate inner peace as this will help you create sacred connections of joy and serenity which will make your journey a spiritual adventure of powerfully enlightening inspiration for the soul.

our path is one of cosmic light and by following that light we foster more joy which embraces us with a life force energy that makes us powerful beyond measure.

listen to the whispers of the angels and you will hear absolutely amazing messages that will facilitate positive change by inspiring you to let your natural gifts emerge.

ours is a pure life divinely inspired and those who walk through it open heartedly with spirit as their guide and love as their companion are the ones who bless the world with a light that empowers and enlightens.

powerful and profound are we who use the light of our divine essence to connect with the world in beautiful ways that are important and meaningful.

journey with me in mindful awareness to fields of consciousness where we may cultivate spiritual alignment as we nourish and enlighten the world around us.

sacred living allows us to see with amazing clarity the beauty of our soul and to shine brightly thereby making ours a life that serves the betterment of all.

i am at one with the universe for i have embraced self transcendence and ventured through healing pathways and angelic realms to a world of heart warming wisdom and life changing experiences.

we expand and evolve when we share our pure love and light as they are blessings whose transformational power improves the quality of life for ourselves and others.

we have within our reach a universe of possibilities and by using our divine energies for the greater good we bring those possibilities closer and closer until they become opportunities that enrich and empower.

connect to your divinity with universal love and healing wisdom as this will make yours a community of joy where people embrace their own truth and bathe in the glory of each others sacred light.

metaphysical thought manifests infinite awareness which creates miraculous phenomena that facilitate positive personal transformation.

spiritual vitality, healing honesty and life changing insights are tools of transformation that make their home deep within our soul and by loving who we are life becomes a journey of glorious beauty and greater well being.

you are an extraordinary being. you are a sacred warrior. dive happily into the future and you will find your own truth which will lead you beyond your own boundaries to your ethereal home.

angels and spirit guides help people transform. they are catalysts for positive change who when believed in offer compassionate support which inspires joy and makes us radiantly happy.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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