Thursday, February 09, 2017

A Hugely Rewarding Life of Innate Beauty

with uniqueness and authenticity may you manifest infinite possibilities and positive liberating energies which make yours a hugely rewarding life of innate beauty and wholeness.

we are healers and nurturers. we are creators of light. we are divine beings who illuminate and inspire. we are sacred and beautiful. this is who we are.

connect to higher sources of light as this will make you feel alive and enriched as you are immersed in a path that is sacred and blissful.

sacred light beings let us share our higher vibrations of love with the world that all may feel the joy of freedom and happiness as they discover new ethereal realms of experience.

something truly magickal happens when we live our divine purpose. we heal from within and ours becomes a heart centered path of purification.

love and appreciate who you are as this will open you to the energy of your higher self which will awaken your true sacred potential thereby making your life an exciting and rewarding adventure.

this is a time of blessings and by living a life of spiritual service in which you make inspired decisions yours becomes a joyful harmonious existence where every breath is a gift to humanity.

beautiful shining being of positive powerful actions may you unfold into a new reality in which you open your soul to the light and breathe in the love that is your birthright.

focus on helping humankind and flow with the changes this creates for yours is a path of greater benefit and by sharing your light you blossom more fully.

listen and you will hear the cosmic sacred heartbeat. look and you will see beacons of light which illuminate your unique essence. life is filled with mystical revelations waiting for us to awaken.

within you is a higher vibration. accept its blessings and you will connect to spiritual realms of kindness and generosity where every step raises you higher in your celestial evolution.

the more love you feel for yourself the more choices you will make that serve the greatest good for love of self lights the flame of your divinity.

self love and acceptance miraculously guides us through the beauty of life that we may see and experience the glory of who we truly are.

beloved earth being may yours be a blissful state of consciousness where you see life from a soul level perspective thereby making yours a spiritual adventure in which you manifest angelic connections that make your world the heaven it is meant to be.

with pure love let us walk with the divine into higher realms where the lightness of our being radiates a truth which illuminates our every breath with ethereal beauty and celestial joy.

be open to your intuition and unique essence as this will help you to make your dreams take flight while empowering your magnificent sacred self.

we are changing and evolving every day and by expressing our divinity in compassionate understanding ways our transformation becomes one of transcendent truth and spiritual rebirth.

may yours be a life centered in love where the light flowing through you creates a powerful spiritual awakening which empowers you to step into your greatness.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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