Thursday, February 23, 2017

Make Yours a Life that is Liberated by Love

talk with your higher self and you will learn about the positive elements of your existence which will create a cosmic flow of energy that will enhance your divine beauty and make yours a life that is liberated by love.

there is an alchemical vibration emanating from our soul which bestows blessings upon us when we open ourselves to its divine beauty .

deeper exploration of our mystical essence is an act of sacred purification in which we create and discover happiness as we lovingly weave a world of divine truth and beauty.

we are blessed with spiritual self wisdom which is shared when we listen to the voice within. it is a wisdom that moves us to make extraordinary contacts as we awaken our relationships and open gateways to higher realms.

acts of kindness make ours a divine healing dance of revelations that inspire and celebrate humanity.

you are a beautifully crafted being of light who is on a meaningful spiritual path and by believing in this sacred truth you can manifest a joyous life.

by immersing ourselves in a sacred lifestyle we contribute to the greater good as we transcend this world.

be kind to yourself as this will create divine experiences of evolutionary purpose that embrace the heart and soul in an intrinsically rewarding and loving way .

intuitive revelations that inspire positive change come washing over us when we remove negative influences such as stress, doubt, worry and anger from our daily existence.

a meaningful life for the benefit of others is a blessing we bestow upon the world when we practice gratitude as we venture into angelic and spiritual realms which bring forth the beauty of our sacred self.

you are meant to make a difference in the world for you are designed with love and your every breath is an earthly treasure that reaches out to others with a light most beautiful.

when we truly take a step in the right direction joy overtakes us and we kindle an excitement for life that generates miraculous energy and stimulates positive change.

immerse yourself in a sacred lifestyle and you will start down a path of intentional choice that improves the quality of your life as you transcend this world.

bring forth the beauty of your evolutionary purpose by being kind to yourself as this is an intrinsically rewarding act of self love that contributes positively to the greater good.

waves of change wash over us every day and by allowing ourselves to truly experience their beauty we awaken into a reality of intuitive revelations that inspire and sacred actions that transcend.

by reaching out to others with love we create divine experiences which fill our path with earthly and ethereal treasures.

a meaningful life is one designed with love where you practice gratitude as you seek to make a difference in the world by living in a way that benefits yourself and others.

every step in the right direction kindles an excitement for life which generates a miraculous energy that stimulates positive change.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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