Thursday, March 02, 2017

Look At Life With Spiritual Eyes

look at life with spiritual eyes and you will see transformative truths which inspire and create change.

higher self connection and healing intentions make ours a beloved life force that empowers and enlightens while cultivating sacred well being.

we all have natural intuitive abilities and authentic powers which if embraced will deeply connect us with our purpose by manifesting transcendent experiences of self transformation.

stop and smell the flower of life and it will open your heart to the wonder and beauty of who you truly are.

know that you are a blessing for all humankind for by accepting and celebrating this truth you transcend your barriers and create a path of mindful experiences and miracles.

we transform all areas of our life when we embrace our sacred gifts for this activates the divine by making us a spiritual butterfly.

the way to a better life is through loving compassion for kindness creates within us a radiant wellness which illuminates a road to spiritual fulfillment.

the heart bursts wide open when you make it your purpose to become better than you are for it is by walking a path of positive intention that you elevate your consciousness and raise your true self to a pure and profound place of sacred wholeness.

mindfulness creates a compassionate awareness which takes us into deeper dimensions where we are our immersed in a transformational flow of energy that heals the heart and makes our journey one of life changing outcomes that enlighten and empower.

we are magickal beings and by walking in a positive direction we transform our lives into one of fulfilling relationships and meaningful personal growth where dreams become realities of beauty, bliss, love and light.

you are a sacred force and powerful presence in the universe with extraordinary gifts and healing energies that become fully alive when you live your truth and love your divine self.

we are on a profound and enlightening journey of becoming where by living our purpose we increase our capacity for joy and deepen our love of life.

in silent self reflection i envision life as a transformative dance of beauty where i befriend myself as i shine my light for all the world to see.

dive deep within the core of your being and use your inner experience to lovingly craft a life of playful exploration and profound enlightenment.

express your vision in loving ways with every soul you encounter as this will create reciprocal relationships that light the way to a destiny most divine.

a wide open heart has a powerful energy that enlivens our spirit with sacred values and magickal blessings when we share our love with the universe.

alive and free are we whose divine aspirations connect us to our truth that we may navigate the tides of change with heart aligned choices which open doorways to miracles.

invigorate your journey with sacred intention and a positive sense of self as this will create extraordinary opportunities that facilitate profound transformation.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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