Thursday, February 16, 2017

Spiritual Maturity Inspires Us to Embrace the Sacred in Others

spiritual maturity inspires us to embrace the sacred in others which creates positive changes in our lives that lead to higher dimensions and realms of love.

spiritual awareness opens us to ethereal connections which empower our life with radiant esoteric powers that awaken the heart and soul of our true sacred self.

gratitude and appreciation are gifts we give ourselves and the world which manifest the hearts desires making life a self healing journey defined by positive experiences.

look closely for the light within illuminates the beauty coming from the soul that we may see clearly the celestial energies and amazing healing powers we are blessed with.

the universe speaks to us and if we listen closely to the message it is sharing we begin to live at a higher vibration as we make our life a sacred celebration of the evolution of our soul.

the more committed you are to transformation the easier it will be to illuminate your essence and manifest your aspirations.

listen to the wisdom of your angels and guides as they will inspire you to bring forth the beauty within that all the world may see your glory and know your greatness.

we are heavenly beings on an existential quest of transformative healing to a place beyond the physical world where we may live our higher self as we align with our sacred purpose.

mine is a path of magickal intent where i flourish from within as i blossom into an existence of spiritual realities in which love and light are my lifelong companions.

we all have extraordinary powers and by truly loving who we are and believing in our blessings we fill our life with sacred possibilities as we perform miracles that manifest beauty and bliss.

a solid foundation of love and light attracts wisdom from other realms which make ours a rich and rewarding path of magickal intent where our every breath is a source of inspiration.

i wish for you a spiritually motivated life of awareness and happiness where you express your wholeness in ways that embrace your divinity and guide you to higher levels of love.

wisdom from spirit heightens our sensitivity and facilitates deep healing when we honor its essence and live its truth by being the force of light and love that is our destiny.

in the heart of our existence an evolutionary awakening is happening which if embraced will guide us to a meaningful and liberating place of higher self love where we may bathe in the light of a beautiful new reality.

you are a being of infinite love and akashic energy whose heart and soul are filled with life changing insights which when believed in and followed lead to healing waters that bless.

angelically beautiful are those whose higher path and purpose is a divinely inspired blessing that benefits others in loving compassionate ways.

communicate from the heart and yours will be a unique healing journey whose spectrum of light illuminates a path that helps others ascend.

open your heart to the divine loving presence as you awaken to your spiritually and you will begin to know yourself at a soul level as you live your sacred purpose.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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