Thursday, November 17, 2016

Call Forth Your Souls Essence

call forth your souls essence and connect with your sacred energy as these are the steps to profound inner bliss.

a path of spirit guided actions embraces both self and higher self opening us to an extraordinary life where dreams and desires are blessings we manifest with every breath.

greater self awareness allows us to focus on the things we love which makes ours a most beautiful and sacred life.

make significant changes that open you to the life giving energy within and this will lead you in exciting new directions where you will experience the divine.

it is by consciously seeking to evolve our spirit that we experience a deeper truth which connects us to the universe and envelopes our life with new possibilities and realities.

do what you love by offering your gifts to the world and making empowering choices that bring your visions alive.

you are an expression of the divine and by living your divinity miraculous things occur which make yours a wonderfully uplifting path of the highest well being.

present moment awareness is a gloriously enlightening gift we can give to ourselves that will ignite our innate abilities thereby changing our lives in beautiful and powerful ways.

walk a path of loving intention and you will discover your true authentic self which will guide you to a place of greater revelations and life changing insights.

at any moment you have the ability to use your true spiritual gifts to create significant results that empower and enlighten your life beyond your dreams.

choose joy and happiness. choose a higher love. choose to connect more profoundly with your true sacred self. the choices you make can elevate and transform your life today, tomorrow and forever.

shine your light for others that theirs too may be a love filled existence and divinely enlightened life.

there are metaphysical and spiritual forces of divine energy flowing through us waiting with gentle guidance to lead us down a transformative intuitive path to the light of the sacred.

a greater sense of contentment comes to us when we express our sacred essence by accepting and loving who we are.

share your miraculous gifts and you bloom from within making yours a soul infused life of illumination and transformation that opens gateways to the spirit.

enjoy being yourself by embracing the truth of who you are for you are a blessing whose love and light blossom in a way that touches the heart and soul of others making their path and yours something sacred and beautiful.

insights flow from within when we open ourselves to the wellsprings of loving energy that exist in our extraordinary lives making ours a fuller and more meaningful path to the sacred.

step into your power and let yours be a rich life of soul inspired actions that lead to higher levels of wholeness and divine spiritual awakening.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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