Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Luminous Place of Evolutionary Emergence

live your life in a deeper way for there is a luminous place of evolutionary emergence within waiting for you to experience the miracle of who you are.

you have the ability to heal yourself by walking a path of profound self discovery for it is when we truly know who we are and embrace our magnificence that we find balance and well being.

focus on spiritual healing by embracing love for the divine as it is belief in the beauty and brilliance of the miracles of life that soothes the soul and nurtures the spirit.

deep spiritual exploration unleashes the power of the heart by immersing us in greater self awareness which fosters sacred growth and makes us happy to be alive.

a direct path to enlightenment is the reward for following your true purpose and passion as this is a blessing that opens us to experiences that enrich and empower.

the more at home we feel in the world the more likely it is that we will discover and connect with glorious sacred beings of greater kindness and compassion.

use your divine intuitive abilities not to predict your future but to shape it into something sacred and beautiful.

be grateful for your gifts and you evolve your consciousness. live in truth and you transform your life. love who you are and you awaken your sacred voice. it is by showing ourselves the kindness and compassion we deserve that we manifest our desires and make our dreams come true.

may yours be a joyous radiant life of self exploration where every moment is delightfully engaging and every breath is filled with love.

a realistic sense of self makes ours a spiritually fulfilling path in which we live and love more meaningfully as we share our gifts and blessings with the world.

we are extraordinarily beautiful enlightened beings and by embracing this greater reality we discover our true path and reach blissful states of awareness and awakening.

expose yourself to other voices and yours will be a path that is extremely rich in spirit whose compass points to joy for there is wisdom, light and love in every heart and soul.

understanding and awareness of the divine self provides deep healing for the soul while gloriously illuminating a path of joyful passion and sacred purpose.

unique, inspiring and powerful forces are at work and by listening to their messages you expand your experiences and gravitate toward a rich and rewarding life of love and light.

we evolve and change in positive ways when our passion for life is one of spiritual diversity and divine destiny.

inspirational perspectives are shamanic tools that enable us to soar to higher levels and feel joyously alive.

open yourself to the healing power of love and yours will be a most rewarding journey of heart centered living that illuminates and transforms.

we exist in a different way when we have a more positive sense of self as this connects us to messages within while nourishing our whole being.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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