Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Deeper Mystical And Spiritual Life

listen to your inner self and yours will be a deeper mystical and spiritual life of profound healing where every place your journey takes you is a peaceful harmonious environment of divine beauty and ethereal joy.

a heart gentle with guidance is a divine treasure that exhilarates and energizes our existence with the clear light of love.

positive wishes and intentions which we share with others create a heart centered way of being which enriches the spirit as it illuminates the miracle of who we are.

you are one of the greatest gifts the universe has to offer and by sharing that gift your every step along the way becomes a loving message of joy and happiness which awakens people to the truth as it guides the m to ethereal realms.

a desire to empower others is a blessing we share with the world which opens new pathways where we may live our souls purpose as we blossom into beauty.

when we move forward spiritually we are doing something special that is beautiful and transformative which will take us on a journey of powerful insights and deeper levels of understanding.

how you experience the world is how the world experiences you. by making yours a path of positive intent and action where love is your purpose the world will act in kind by embracing you with kindness, compassion and the light of the divine.

positively enrich your life by loving yourself completely for you are a sacred gift and a divine blessing born of celestial beauty whose ethereal existence is a miracle to be shared with the universe.

the more caring and compassionate we are toward ourselves the more heart centered our spiritual evolution is and the more love we bring into the world.

these are times of transition and we are all teachers and guides whose mission is simply to make ours a life of soul rooted actions and beautiful intentions.

make better decisions and the beautiful healing light within will encompass your existence in a way that renews the spirit and honors the sacred.

recognize your true nature and simply be yourself as this will make yours an awakened journey of spirit where dreams come true and miracles happen.

spiritual aspiration that manifests as sacred action creates a life of empowered living and greater contentment where every place we go is a place of happiness.

may we float together on waves of bliss as we nurture and foster a sacred love that illuminates the heart, inspires the soul and opens the gates of every heaven in the universe.

a better you is something you create walking an experiential path of growth and transformation.

exploration of the simple pleasures in life makes us fully awake in each moment which inspires us to grow in spirit as we immerse ourselves in joyful creation.

deep love for yourself is truly a gift that illuminates your natural beauty in awe inspiring ways and fills your life with peaceful powerful positive energy.

MicHEAL Teal
The Ancient One

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