Friday, August 21, 2015

Higher Levels Of Joy

when ours is a spiritual purpose we see higher levels of joy. when ours is a sacred purpose we create lasting happiness. where ours is a joyful purpose we take positive steps forward. when ours is a loving purpose we empower our life with infinite possibilities. when ours is a divine purpose we are liberated and transformed. live a life of purpose.

the more aware you are of lifes beauty the more aware you will be of how phenomenally beautiful you are. it is when we see the truth, beauty, love and light around us that we see it in ourself. look at life closely and see the miracle of your existence.

with joyful purpose, gentleness and compassion walk through this world touching every soul you meet with the light and love that radiate from the core of your being for you are a blessing to be shared.

a heart at peace is a heart with deeper purpose. it is a heart that purifies and rejuvenates. it is a heart created from love that guides you down your true life path. i wish you peace.

a sincere wish to inspire others will expand your awareness and make yours an experiential journey through portals of wisdom where you harness your powers and reach higher levels of consciousness.

a better life is waiting for you. it has always been waiting for you. its in pieces and you have to put it together but it is waiting for you. there are pieces of confidence, pieces of self respect, pieces of beauty, pieces of truth, pieces of inspiration, pieces of spirit and pieces of love. a better life is waiting for you. isnt it time you picked up the pieces and put them together.

there is wisdom in your heart and by immersing yourself in its glory and truth you shift your reality and move toward a state of pure bliss. the greatest growth comes to those who accept and embrace how powerful and beautiful they truly are.

open your soul to deep and lasting change and you will stimulate a flow of positive energy that will manifest more joy in your life.

you are here for a purpose and that purpose is to serve the highest good as you connect with your spirit guides and move towards enlightenment.

you have an eternal soul that nurtures the spirit and by opening yourself to its blessings you become a beacon of light whose passion for helping others nurtures the spirit.

be of pure heart and you will receive encouragement from the universe and experience deep healing for it is the pure of heart who walk a loving and transformative path of bliss.

how high is your level of happiness. is yours a life you love to live. these are questions we must ask ourself and if the answers are not to our liking then we must take positive action for we have within us the ability to transform. wonderful choices create wonderful opportunities. plant your feet in possibility and light your sacred fire. be the blessing you were born to be.

live in gentle healing ways and allow your loving presence to be a beautiful message that helps you move forward on a path of self discovery while inspiring all with divine clarity and transformative power.

expressions of love are a sacred power which when shared give us a positive sense of self while filling the heart and soul of others with insights and revelations that deepen their understanding and heal their lives.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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