Thursday, August 27, 2015

You Are A True Blessing

you are a true blessing. within you is a place where happiness blossoms. open yourself to miracles that your spirit may float on clouds of joy. happiness and healing are gifts you give yourself by believing in your beauty. explore your spirit. embrace your soul. it is when we immerse ourself in our sacred essence that we make divine connections and transform our life. greet this and every day by saying i love you to yourself. you are a true blessing.

there is a halo over our heart to remind us that we are angels and that ours is a life of meaning and purpose where if we love and believe in ourself we can do the impossible and create miracles.

to know and love your life is to serenade your soul that it may dance along a path of divine bliss that leads to deeper spiritual connections and life changing experiences of joy and happiness.

real spiritual experiences open portals of perception which inspire heart centered actions and positive change.

nurture your heart and soul with guidance from spirit and your experience of life will be one of bountiful blessings where you reach a sublime state of being.

we are all born extraordinary. we are all unique and special. we are all beautiful. believe in the miracle of who and what you are. you are extraordinary. you are unique and special. you are beautiful. you are a miracle. this is who you are. this is who we are. i am extraordinary...

you are important. your life is meaningful. you matter. you are special. you are a gift and a blessing. your life is significant. you are a light for others. you are amazing. you are a miracle. you are beautiful. you are loved. you are important.

when you smile with your heart you create a flow of positive energy that brightens the day and moves people to share their light for positivity creates positivity.

thank you. i feel your energy. your compassion wraps around me like a cloak of kindness. your beauty inspires me and your love heals my soul. thank you.

act in kindness and you empower yourself to grow and expand in ways that cultivate love in every step and joy in every beat of your heart.

the more you practice the better you get at things. so practice joy, practice happiness, practice kindness, practice compassion, practice bliss, practice ecstasy, practice love...

embrace a path of positive thought and action as you decorate the world around you with happiness. the more positive we live the more we stimulate the soul and inspire the heart.

celebrate your soul and you serve the highest good. celebrate your spirit and you serve your highest self. celebrate your sacredness and you serve the heavens. its time to celebrate. let the party begin.

flowing from your soul is divine goodness and when you share its beauty you shower your spirit with light as you embrace the world with love.

awaken to the blessings around you and see with clarity their profound meaning for it is when we truly see the light in our life that we can raise our consciousness, heal ourself and bring bliss and joy into our world.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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