Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Beautiful Wave Of Positive Energy

empower and encourage others as doing so creates a beautiful wave of positive energy that warms the soul with the sunlight of sacredness and fills us with transformative energy which guides us to a kind and gentle place of happiness.

to achieve vibrational alignment is to do that which brings you joy. it is by showing ourselves kindness, compassion and love that we become our true self and journey toward the light.

we become whole when our appreciation of life consumes our heart with spirit for it is then that power of our soul changes the way we think and inspires us to accept all existence as we live our true and sacred beauty.

renewal and rebirth are the gifts we give ourself when ours is a positive spiritual purpose of inspirational empowerment that radiates pure love.

you are a loving and compassionate soul. the raw beauty of your spirit is a joyous expression of your divinity that ignites the spark of inspiration within those blessed to experience your greatness. never doubt that you are something extraordinary.

with sacred intention shower yourself with love as doing so will create a deeper connection with self, release your spiritual healing gifts and open your mind,body and soul to the light.

when dreams go bad - wake up. open your eyes to the treasure trove of experiences that await. be the light and allow yourself to be touched by spirit. let your angels and guardians lead you to places of pure delight. release the divine energy within. you are powerful beyond measure. when dreams go bad - wake up.

know yourself better and the energy of life will embrace you with moments of spiritual significance that make miracles come alive for to know oneself is to know god.

there are miracles every day. inspiring and meaningful moments that touch the heart of the sacred. remove stress and you will see them. remove anger and you will see them. remove anxiety and you will feel them. remove hatred and you will feel them. remove the roadblocks you have set up and you will create them. remove doubt and you will create them. there are miracles every day.

we are on a blessed journey of truth and beauty and those of us who see the miracle and magnificence of our existence will rise from the waters of our soul and live our sacredness in a manner befitting the glorious beings of light that we are.

within your soul is a place of inspired living which when opened will guide you to spiritually significant experiences that will change your life for the better.

tremendous are the benefits when we enjoy the beauty of who we are for it is then that we achieve wholeness of being and our life becomes one of greater self knowledge and compassionate wisdom where our indomitable spirit guides us to live each moment in a kind loving way.

live in positive loving ways and your every moment becomes an inspirational message that empowers you and inspires others.

live with great compassion and you will make a positive impression that empowers yourself and embraces the divine.

you must have compassion for yourself. you must show yourself kindness. you must reach out to your divine essence with love as your guide. it is when we truly accept ourself that we truly accept others and ours becomes a life of expanding horizons, shared intentions and absolute joy.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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