Thursday, October 22, 2015

Freely Unfold Into A Life Of Beauty

spiritual well being comes when we are brave enough to wake up to a new reality where we freely unfold into a life of beauty. embrace the essence of who you are by creating a safe and supportive environment where you may live a larger destiny as the world within provides guidance and wisdom. it is through mindful self compassion that we heal our heart and soul thereby becoming the gods and goddesses we were born to be.

to be a hero is to be yourself. to be yourself is to love life and the world around you. to love life and the world around you is to embrace all with kindness and compassion. to embrace all with kindness and compassion is to be a hero. to be a hero is to be yourself.

share your gifts with others. share what brings you joy. to show kindness and compassion is to fill the heart and soul of humanity with insight and inspiration.

faith can heal. belief can heal. have faith in who you are. believe in your greatness. hope can heal. dreams can heal. have faith in your hopes. believe in your dreams. you are a blessing and a miracle and the gateway to glory opens the moment you have faith and believe.

these are times of great change and those who illuminate their lives by stirring the magick within will open our hearts to the spirits of the land that we may all embrace higher wisdom as we immerse ourselves in unlimited possibilities and opportunities for growth.

awaken to the positive and allow its powerful feelings to inspire you to be true to yourself and forge a new clear path where you may explore your connection with spirit.

have an intimate conversation with your angels, ancestors and guides. listen and let their healing words infuse your mind, body and soul with spiritually transformative power. follow the path they bring you to for it will lead to greater understanding and a richer and fuller life of divine beauty and sacred love.

make your life better by building bridges of spiritual growth to places that light the fire within your soul for it is through actions that inspire hope that we make miraculous connections which help us evolve into our sacred self.

i hear messages from beyond which guide me to mystical planes where i embark on magickal adventures that lead to positive enriching experiences. all of this occurs simply because i listen.

selfless service to others creates a more compassionate life. every time we help another soul we manifest more meaning and inspire greater beauty. open your heart and let the light of love within guide you to your greatness that you may live the beauty of your true and sacred self.

a new earth is forming where we will connect with higher planes and awaken from within for ours is a journey of light and we are beautiful celestial beings on a sacred path of love.

to help and heal creates an expansion of light which in turn illuminates opportunities for growth that have a positive impact on our collective evolution.

we are positive loving people and by lighting the sacred fire within we create meaning in life that leads us to a place of greater glory where the miracle of our divinity begins to unfold into a blossoming flower of beauty, bliss and spiritual mastery.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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