Thursday, October 08, 2015

Metaphysical Wellness And Divine Bliss

be a spiritual facilitator. embrace self acceptance and bless the earth with a life well lived. we grow and develop into more loving people when we awaken and explore our true self for it is then that we experience metaphysical wellness and divine bliss.

there is a healing energy within and when we believe in who we are that energy creates thoughts that empower and actions that guide us to spiritual epiphanies which embrace the wholeness of our being with love.

i hear the voice of angels. i hear the call of spirit. i hear the words of the ancients. i hear the songs of the ancestors. i hear messages for my previous incarnations. i hear god and goddess. i hear because i listen. i hear you. i hear.

a higher level of being and a richer happier life come to those who reach deep within to the treasure trove of inspiration that is their birthright and share its beauty that others may open to enlightenment and discover their path and purpose.

choices shaped by love help us create a path of profound change connected to the divine and filled with spirit guided experiences.

you are responsible for your own joy. you are the architect of your existence and if you so choose you can build your life into something beautiful. shape your world using pieces of hope, happiness, truth, belief, kindness, compassion, light and love. you are responsible for your own destiny.

walk in the beauty of the light that shines within with the knowledge that when you embrace those things that serve you well you infuse your life and the lives around you with the healing power of spirit.

to grow spiritually you must be your true self for this will foster inner peace and guide you to happiness.

once you realize there is something greater than yourself the healing power of love shines a new light on life that you may see with clarity the beauty all around you.

i put anger away and i felt at peace. i put stress away and i felt great joy. i put fear away and i felt profoundly happy. life becomes more beautiful the more you release and let go of those things that do not serve you well.

to appreciate the beauty of who you are is to embrace greater self awareness for it is by loving and respecting yoursellf that you communicate with angels and rise above the ordinary to heavens where you become one with your divine essence.

be kind to yourself. a compassionate act of kindness toward yourself creates a flow of positive energy which will guide you along the way of spirit to a place of light where the soul is nourished with a love divine.

each moment holds a miracle. each breath has within it messages of light. every step brings with it a spiritual epiphany and each choice has the potential for life affirming change. you are a miraculous vessel and the time is now to see the truth and live its beauty.

beautiful are they who know that to create the life they desire and achieve their soul purpose they need only ride the waves of change to the place of light within.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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