Thursday, October 29, 2015

An Opportunity For Good

this very moment in your existence is an opportunity for good. you can choose right now to guide and direct yourself along a path of richness and spirit. you can invite your angels in as you let your demons out. you can respond to any given situation with love. these are things you can do. for your true self knows that this very moment in your existence is an opportunity for good.

let love and gratitude flow through you and accept your blessings. do what makes you happy and allow your deepest intentions to become your most beautiful realities. yours is an evolving story of spirit and you have control over what you write.

explore new possibilities and opportunities as you move in a positive direction for these are choices that will profoundly empower you on your path and guide you to a place of lasting happiness.

do that which serves your soul and your life will be a feast of joy and happiness that gently nurtures your divine self as it inspires a new passion for being alive.

every experience is a gift. every person is a treasure. every moment is a blessing. given these truths we should be living our lives as a celebration. open yourself to the beauty around and let the love that is your essence rejoice as you immerse yourself in every gift, treasure and blessing you have.

when you contribute to the happiness of others you find greater joy and spirit reveals itself as you journey into higher realms where you emerge into your sacred self.

we are beautiful ever evolving beings of light and by following a path of purposeful living and peaceful loving solutions we increase our spiritual awareness as we move joyously toward heaven on earth.

strengthen the positive by living your sacred worth. allow your spirit to guide you to the heart of compassion. untether your soul that the world may experience your divine beauty. this is your world to shape and you do so by sharing your glory and living your greatness.

unexpected opportunities based in spirit come to us when we commit to empowering others to overcome lifes challenges by embracing the light and living their love.

with pure love open yourself to lifes blessings for by doing so you see more clearly the gateway to heaven and yours becomes a deeply spiritual and purposeful life of great joy and happiness.

good things happen when we are more awakened and compassionate. miracles occur when we embrace loving awareness and share our divine caring presence. we are beautiful bright lights born to shine. we are souls in transformation born to be a source of inspiration. live this truth and yours will be a journey of joyful aliveness.

you have deep within your heart and soul a reservoir of pure positive energy and by believing in who you are and immersing yourself in its cleansing waters you develop yourself spiritually as you expand your capacity to love.

to fully love and accept yourself is to choose to grow for it is through belief in the beauty of who we truly are that we transform into healing loving angels of light.

a soul filled life creates a flow of events which uplift the heart and awaken the best in you that you may realize your true nature and commune with the divine.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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