Thursday, November 05, 2015

Revel In The Adventure Of Life

revel in the adventure of life and let your natural beauty and life force energy embrace all who traverse this sacred land for it is by sharing our love and light that we open ourself to spiritual dimensions and the healing waters of the divine.

life is a most precious gift and we honour that gift by living beautifully. by sharing our gift we invite the spirit home as we awaken the divine. life is a most precious gift and we honour that gift by loving beautifully.

the divine is within us all and by embracing this reality with great joy we transform the spirit as we create balance and harmony.

when we encourage and inspire wellness in others we create a deep soul connection and our true self comes alive.

you have the capacity to create great beauty. you have the ability to touch the heart and soul in ways profound. yours is an elevated spirit. yours is a path of higher awareness and consciousness. you are sacred and divine. you are a being of great beauty. what a wonderful creation.

a spiritually motivated life is one of sacred awareness in which we grow and flourish into heavenly beings who change our life and the lives of others for the better.

see the angels in your daily life and open yourself to their beauty that they may guide you in a more positive direction that is spiritually rewarding where you can embrace your extraordinary powers and live your every moment with deep love and respect for yourself and the world around you.

shine a light on the path within and you will see a place where wishes come true and miracles happen. there are treasures within each of us waiting to be discovered that they may change our lives so we can change the world.

celestial guides and helpers are always with us. the more awakened and aware we are the better able we are to see their presence and open ourself to receive their love and light.

self nurturing creates clarity and insight. self love creates inner peace and harmony. how we treat ourself contributes greatly to how the world treats us. awaken to your true beauty and begin this day by embracing your sacred self and saying i love you.

you are a highly sensitive being whose life has a significant impact on others. live your life as a prayer and seek to make your every action a blessing and yours will be an extraordinary future where you are joyous and happy to be alive.

enjoy the here and now. set free the beauty that is alive within your soul and live this moment in a way that edifies and empowers.

when we are of service to others we are better able to enjoy the here and now for it is through acts of kindness and compassion that we embrace our cosmic responsibilities and create an environment of sacred light and positive energy vibrations.

journey to a place of self love for it is there that you will discover the wondrous things alive within and hear the sacred voice of the ancients.

i am blessed every day by the kindness of angels. i am inspired by heavenly souls who touch my heart with divine light and beauty. whether you know it or not you are an angel and you are a heavenly soul. thank you for being in my life. i love you.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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