Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Heartbeat Of Our True Sacred Self

the heartbeat of our true sacred self plays an ancient song of love and when we listen closely and open ourself to its beauty life becomes a tribal dance of kindness, caring, compassion and community.

whenever we help another soul to create a beautiful life our life becomes all the lovelier for life is a garden and when we plant seeds of joy, beauty, happiness and bliss we grow miracles that nurture ourself and others.

you are an extraordinary individual with an extraordinary life on an extraordinary journey of extraordinary adventures to extraordinary places of extraordinary light where you will discover extraordinary love. be extraordinary. its who you are.

a commitment to positive change will open doorways into other dimensions and realities where you may see more clearly just how wonderful you are and blossom into the beautiful being of light that you were born to be.

love from the heart and live from the soul for by doing so you create an atmosphere of kindness and caring which will positively transform your world.

a beautiful life is a gift we give ourself when we truly love and respect who we are. believing in yourself is a gateway to greatness. open the gate and explore the wonders that await you.

you are a blessing to others. you are a blessing to the earth. you are a blessing to the universe. blessed are we who know and love you. blessed are we who experience your greatness. blessed are we who are touched by the light of your divinity. you are a blessing.

engage your soul in a sacred dance as you sing a song of spirit and celebrate the truth and beauty of who you are.

we all have a higher calling but not all of us hear or heed the call. listen closely and take the message to heart and yours will be a path of transformation and ascension.

open yourself to new realities, ideas, dimensions, beliefs... the more open you are and the more willing you are to change the better your life will be. for every obstacle you remove there is a blessing waiting to embrace your essence.

there is light within the soul and love within the light. open your soul and unleash its beauty that all may benefit from your love and light.

awaken to a life of boundless joy. awaken to a life of passion and purpose. awaken to a path of positive intention. breathe in the beauty of who you truly are and allow yourself the opportunity to see your sacredness and use your gifts to explore the magnificence of your being as you serve humanity with love and compassion. awaken!

i am connected to you and you are connected to your neighbor and she is connected to a friend at work and they are connected to someone they met in cyberspace and he is connected to me... we are all connected.

when the soul of the sacred and the heart of the spirit discover each other is the moment in our existence where we have the clarity to live our highest good and love our true self in a way that serves humanity and the universe.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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