Friday, June 29, 2012

A Smile can Change the World

The Real You sparkles with Wisdom. The Real You embraces the Art of being Human. The Real You is Immersed in the Sacred. The Real You is Beautiful and Unique. The Real You is Born to do Good in the World. The Real You is Immortal and Inspiring. The Real You is Serving the Highest in Yourself. The Real You is Optimistic about Tomorrow. The Real You is a Gift from God. The Real You is Love. Be Joyful, Be Kind, Be Happy and Be Real.

Act in Angelic Ways and Change your Life forever. Life is filled with Meaningful Messages and Infinite Possibilities for Miracles for those who Listen with their Spirit and See with their Soul.

Call on the Spirits and the Soul comes Alive. Call on the Soul and the Spirits sing with Joy. Life is a Loving Journey in which we are always in the company of Angels and Guides.

Today is a Special Opportunity to work with the Sacred. An Opportunity to Listen to the Heartbeat of God and Celebrate the Gifts of Gaia. An Opportunity to Immerse yourself in Ancestral Blessings and the Greatness within. Every day we have the Opportunity to make Choices that make a Difference. Make the most of your Opportunities and the Heavens will Align and your Life will Transform.

There is a River of Ancient Wisdom within the Soul where Dreams, Hopes and Desires wait to be set Free.

You are a Star Shining Brightly. You are a Sacred Flower of Love. You are Beautiful beyond words. Believe it, Live it, Breathe it and Be it.

Hear my Prayer of Light and Goodness. Let us Share our many Gifts and build Castles in the Stars. Let us Embrace the Sun in all its Glory and Touch the Sky with Soul and Spirit. Hear my Prayer of Love and Kindness.

A Smile can Change the World. Smile with your Soul and Free the Joy within. We Live and We Love from a Sacred Well of Unique Life Energy. There is an Ocean of Possibility within the Heart where the Spirit of Love lies waiting for an Invitation to Heal. A Kiss Inspires, A Hug Motivates, A Caress Liberates and a Smile Transforms. Kiss Me, Hug Me, Caress Me and Smile for We are Happy and We are Free.

A Positive Community will bring Greater Happiness into your Life. The Earth and the Heavens will hear your Prayers and Nurturance from Spirit will Create a new Reality of Thoughtful Insight and Love Profound.

When you Feel Good about yourself you Shape your World with a Happy Awareness and Offerings of Love. Create Positive Change by falling in Love with You!

I had a Cup of Fae today and my World became an Enchanted Forest where Lovers dwell and Children Play.

Immersed in Spirit I give Thanks to Glorious Gaia and set forth on a Journey of Rainbow Experiences and Sacred Pleasure.

Reach for the Stars and you just may Touch the Wings of an Angel. It is when you Realize that You are the Light that Blessings of Love come your way. A Spiritual Utopia awaits those who Live their Light, Live their Love and Live their Life as Gods and Goddesses. Being Alive in the World means Being in Love with the World. Transformation begins with the words I Love You.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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