Friday, July 06, 2012

Happiness is a Haiku and I am but a Poet.

Mine is an Eternal Love Affair with the Poetry of Life. Every Sunrise is Prose that Caresses my Soul. Every drop of Rain is a Sonnet that Inspires my Spirit and every River that Flows is a Lyrical Prayer that Touches my Heart. Happiness is a Haiku and I am but a Poet.

The Story of your Spirit begins in a Higher Realm where Children are the Teachers. Listen to their Laughter and Learn. Watch how they Play and Learn. The Greatest Lessons ever Learned began with the words - I Love You Mommy, I Love You Daddy....

Give somebody a Hug. Give somebody a Kiss. Share the Beauty of your Soul. Share the Love within your Heart. Life moves quickly and while we have the Opportunity we should Embrace it with Enthusiasm. Gift the World with your Thoughts and Ideas. Gift the World with your Divinity and Diversity. We are Angels and Emissaries of Light. We are Mystics and Masters of Truth. We are Seers and Sages of Knowledge. We are Love. Gibe somebody your Love. Give everybody your Love.

I am a Fragile Infant Caressing the Wind with Infinite Love and Painting Rainbows in the Sky. Break not my Spirit but instead Inspire my Soul that I may Grow and Evolve in ways that Bless the Breath of Life.

Tremendous in Scope and Infinitely Compelling is the Poetically satisfying Harmony, Peace and Joy within my Soul. The Book of my Life is a Deliciously Readable gem of Literature that is Beautifully and Respectfully Honest and Authentic. I am Beaten, Broken, Battered, Bloodied and Blessed. My struggles have not Defined me they have Inspired me. I have found a Home and a Happiness that i never Thought possible. If you read between the lines within the tears you will see a Glowing Smile of Peace, Passion and Purpose. I am Alive, I am Awake, I am Aware and I am Worthy of the Love that calls me Home.

Mother and Child are a Song of Creation that Inspires us to Bless, Cherish and Treasure the Sacred Womb of Love.

We Experience the Divine every time we Smile. We Experience the Sacred every time we Embrace. We are Beings of Light on a Heavenly Journey of Love. Bless the Breath of Life and Smile as you Embrace the World with Love.

Within your Hearts Purest Depths is a Sacred Inner Space where like a Tree from a Seed Love Blossoms.

We are surrounded by Prayers of Gratitude. The Singing of the Birds, The Winds at Play, The Sunshine on your Shoulder and the Moonlight on your Path are all Prayers of Gratitude. The Beauty of Existence is a Blessing from Above and those who Transform and Transcend are those who are Grateful. Amen.

There are a New Generation of Seekers on the Horizon and We who have Weathered the Storms of Spirit are Blessed with the task of Lighting their Path and Guiding their Way. Share your Knowledge and Transformative Energy for doing so Creates Miracles. In Devotional Seership I humbly offer my Services to the Seekers.

I am Inspired by the Heartbeat of Sacred Mother Earth to pick up the Drum and Honor the Ancients with Healing Sounds and Tribal Rhythms.

Smiles are Generated by Love. Live your Gratitude in Uplifting and Enchanting Ways and yours will be a Journey Infinite Consciousness and Earth Centered Spirituality. Smile and Transform your daily Life into a Positive Vision of Global Evolution and Universal Healing. The Spirit Awakens when we Smile. The Soul Ascends when we Smile. The Heart Rejoices when we Smile. Let the Adventure of Life lead you to a place of Love where every Smile gives Birth to a new Reality and a new Earth.

Life is for Living. Live with Good Intentions. Live Joyously and Celebrate your Harvest. Live Passionately and Honour your Blessings. Your Soul is filled with Riches that Uplift, Motivate and Inspire. Life is for Living and Living is for Loving. Love your Life.

The Door to Truth when Opened leads to a Life Affirming Path of Spiritual Authenticity and Moments to Live for. Open the Door and Follow your Path.

Bless the vast Ocean of Beauty that is Mother and Child.

Share the Beauty of Who You are. Share your Truth. Give the Best of Who You Are into the Universe. See with your Soul. Listen with your Spirit. Love with your Heart and Live with an Open Mind.

The Time has come to Create Change you can Believe in. Serve Humanity in ways that promote Genuine Love and Compassion. Be Happy with yourself and Share that Joy with others. See Beauty in all things and Trust your Heart. You have within you the Ability to Manifest Miracles. Raise your Vibration and Know that your Soul Loves You. The Time has come to find your Higher Purpose. Be Beautiful, Be Free and Be Who You Really Are.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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