Friday, July 27, 2012

Kissed by Butterflies and Caressed by Angels

Sing Together in Harmony. Sing of Home, Heart and Spirit. Sing of Truth, Beauty and Light. Raise your Voices to the Heavens. Lift your Spirits to the Angels. Elevate your Soul to heights of Eternal Joy and Happiness. Sing of Love and let the Song be that which Inspires you to Live the Love of which you Sing.

I Love You All. I Love your Heartfelt Purpose. I Love your Joy in the present Moment. I Love the Deepest levels of your Soul. I Love your Connection to the Light. I Love the Rose Garden of your Spirit. I Love the Reflection of the Divine in your Eyes. I Love your Guiding Wisdom and Sacred Energy. I Love your Inner Journey. I Love your Unique Essence and Empathic Listening. I Love the Fire of your Intention. I Love You All.

Dream of a World of Peace, Freedom and Understanding. Wish for a World of Love, Laughter and Light. Transform your Dreams and Wishes into Realities.

If you let the Light flow through you the darkness has nowhere to hide.

I Stretch my Soul to the Sky, I Bend my Spirit to the Beauty of the Land, I Raise my Heart to the Radiant Sun and every Moment becomes a Blissful Experience.

Your Unique Purpose is to Call on the Spirits that they may Embrace your Gifts and Guide you to Ignite your own Flame and stay True to your Path. Those who are Original and Authentic are those who have Discovered that they are the Universe.

Seeds sown in Love create a Garden of Light where Wisdom and Kindness give Birth to new Ideas. Change your Thoughts by Designing your own Universe. You are God and Goddess. Your Destiny is a blank canvas and you are an Artist of Spirit. Write a Song of Sacred Energy. Paint a Portrait of Spiritual Community. Your personal Quest is whatever you Choose it to Be. Choose to be a Guiding Force whose Inner Light shines so Brightly that every Soul can see there is Beauty in all Things.

Make Vibrant Choices that Serve the Highest Good and you Inspire Greater Awareness and Growth. Be the Guiding Hand which leads people to Landscapes of Beauty and Belief. Choose to Live your Greatness.

We are all Spiritual Teachers and Facilitators. We all have Heaven and Earth within our Soul. We are Born of Love and it is Love that we shall Teach.

I See a Future Kissed by Butterflies and Caressed by Angels. I See a Future where We Love who We Are and We Love each Other. I See A Future.

Bathe in the Waters of Love where Miracles happen and you will Emerge into a World that Enlightens you.

Share your Joyful Existence. Share the Cherished Gift that is your Life. Share your Gratitude for this Day. Share the Sacred Wells of Healing Energy within your Soul. Share your Hopes and Dreams. Share your Good Thoughts and Actions. Share your Artistic Visions. Share that which makes your Heart Sing. Share the Magick within You. Share your Beauty. Share your Truth and Share your Love. Life is its most Kind, Loving and Compassionate when we Share.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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