Friday, July 20, 2012

There Are Butterflies in my Soul

Dream the Future. Dream a Sacred Place of Light and Inspiration. Awake and make your Dreams come True. Awake and Step into your Essence. Be Infinitely Grateful for your Blessings. Be Infinitely Grateful for Awakened Individuals and Illuminated Connections. Dream of Living in Service to the Divine. Dream of Living in Sheer Joy and Gentleness of Spirit. Live the Dream. Be the Dream. Love the Dream. Awake!

Your Higher Purpose is to Live Harmoniously with Sacred Mother Earth. Live your Purpose and you Heal the World.

Let your Soul Sing. Emerge anew with a Message that Touches the Heart. The Beauty of People is our Ability to Transform and Transcend. Let your Spirit Fly.

In Clarity and Purity i say to you that All things are Interconnected and that we Begin to Live when we Accept and Embrace that We are One.

Loving People is the Way. Loving People is Positive and Empowering. Loving People is Spiritual Evolution. Life is Simple - Love People.

It is when we Transcend our Limitations that we Journey to Transformation. Share your Light with the World for when we Share our Light we bring Joy to the World as we Inspire others to do the same. We are all Spiritual Messengers and by spreading a Message of Love we Create a Universe that is Sacred. Live the your Divinity by Transcending those things that deny you the Happiness that is your Birthright. Smile, Laugh, Sing, Dance, Live and Love. This is the Day and This is the Time for you to Fly Free.

I am Inspired in Dream. I Dream of Souls Illuminated by Love. I Dream of Harmony with Nature. I Dream of the Oneness of all things. I Dream of a Life Woven together with Threads of Joy. I Dream of Fields of Possibilities. I Dream of Happiness and I Dream of You.

Soul to Soul, Spirit to Spirit and Wing to Wing let us Fly to the Heavens and Dance with the Angels.

I Bathe in Angelic Light. I Walk a Path of Beauty and Bliss. I Dine at the Table of Gods and Goddesses. I am Human. I am Sacred. I am Light and I am Love. Believe in your Greatness and you will Dance among the Stars.

There is Joy in Achievement. I Choose to Achieve Love. I Choose to Achieve Happiness. I Choose to Achieve Kindness. This Morning when I awoke I looked in the mirror and Smiled. What a Wonderful Achievement.

My Spirit is an Arrow of Love with a Beautiful Destination and a Gentle Heart. My Spirit is an Eternal Flame with Clarity of Intention and Divine Resonance. My Spirit is the Companion of my Soul. Blessed is the Spirit.

We are Spiritual Allies. We are Ambassadors of Alchemy on a Glorious Journey to Educate and Empower. We are Embraced by the Light and Immersed in the Infinite. We are the Way and the Way is Beautiful.

There are Butterflies in my Soul which Inspire me to Live a Life of Love. I Experience a Transformation every time they Spread their Wings. They Embrace the Light within my Soul and Guide me to a World of Spirit. They are Sources of Wisdom which manifest Joyful Living. There are Butterflies in my Soul which Fly Freely in the Garden of Paradise that is my True Essence. They are my Imagination and my Inspiration. It is their Truth and Beauty that gives me Wings for it is the Butterflies within that will one day Transform me into the Angel that is my Destiny.

Expand and Enrich your Life by Journeying within to meet the Love that is your Essence. We are the Embodiment of Love. Personal Transformation takes place when we Live the Love we are meant to Live.

The Recipe for Change begins with the Nectar of Devotion and ends with a Feast of Friendship. The Table is set and the Meal is Ready all you need do is Transform.

Circle of Light. Circle of Life. Circle of Love. Life is a Circle of Miraculous Transformation. You emerge into a Brighter and more Beautiful World when you Acknowledge and Appreciate the Circle. Circle of Light. Circle of Life. Circle of Love.

Joy Creates Joy. Light Creates Light. Love Creates Love. The Way to Serenity is to Create a Life that Connects to your Souls Wisdom. Through Positive Thought we Create Positive Action. Our Life is a blank Canvas and we are Artists of Spirit. Reach across the Heavens and use Gods paintbrush to Create a Portrait of Flourishing, Flowering and Fields of Beauty where Love is the Sunshine that Embraces every Moment of your Existence.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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