Friday, July 13, 2012

Breathing in Love

Cultivate the Sweet Bonds of Love and You create a World of Wonder and Imagination where you fulfill your True Destiny and Connect with the Higher Self.

Mine is a Life of Shamanic Evolution. To Live a Better Life i need only Listen to the Ancients and the Ancestors. I seek to Live from Inspiration that i may have a Positive Impact on the World. Through Esoteric Teachings, Angelic Lessons and Sacred Prayer i have Created a Formula for Wholeness that Flows like a River. Open your Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart and Soul to the Wisdom of those who have Walked this Path in Lives gone by and You will Transform into the Butterfly you were Born to Be.

Help the World. Transform your Outlook and Enhance everyday Life with the Guidance that Exists within. Explore and Experience those things that make the Soul Smile. Help the World. Climb to Greater Heights of Happiness. Immerse yourself in Divine Transformation. Help the World. Celebrate Freedom and Plant Seeds of Grace and Compassion. Play Joyfully and in every Moment and every Breath be Love. Help the World.

Lay the groundwork for your True Hearts Desire by Living a Passionate Life and Breathing in Love.

One morning while looking in the mirror i saw my true Beauty. I saw the Glow of my Spirit and Radiance of my Soul. It is when we see our own Beauty that the Transformation begins. We are all Flowers in a Celestial Garden. See the Beauty of Who You are and Bloom.

The Beating Heart of Mother Earth is the Soundtrack to my Life that Inspires me to Help others Help themselves. I have Climbed the Holy Mountain and Discovered the Path of Enlightenment. Today i choose Happiness and Joy as my Companions. Heaven is inside of me and I am now able to experience Love in a way that Positively impacts the World. I am the Essence of Loving Kindness and the Expression of Beauty and Light.

It is when we See the Miraculous Wonders around us that we truly become Spiritual Beings of Light.

In Gratitude and Grace i Explore the Divine within for it is a Sacred Gift leads to a Life of Joy and Abundance. My Heart is on Fire with Intuitive Awareness. I am Unique and Beautiful for I am a Holy Man on a Journey of Awakening Spirit. The Blossoming of my Soul is Guiding me to a Life of Love. In Happiness and Harmony i seek to Serve Humanity in ways Purposeful and Profound. I am The Ancient One.

Child of Creation when you Smile you Raise the Consciousness of Humanity. Child of the Universe when you Sing you Create a Greater Harmony. Child of the Earth when you Dance you Grow and Evolve. Child of God when you Love all is Right with the World.

The Soul of Humanity is a Place of Peace where Spirit Exists as an Expression of Love.

Sacred Intention keeps the Heart and Mind Free. Inspire the Universe by filling every Cell of your Body with Light and Love. Bring people together for the Greatest Good and Create a Miraculous Blueprint for Spiritual Evolution. Be a Living manifestation of Kindness and Doorways to the Divine will Open for you. Our Intention creates our Reality. Love each other Deeply and your Heart begins to Glow and Grow. Live your Sacred Intention.

The Light of Spiritual Awareness shines Brightest in the Eyes of a Child.

Light the Love in your Soul by Enriching the Quality of everyday Life, Rejoicing in your Gifts and Helping Humanity by putting Goodness into the World.

We live in a world Enriched by Divinity and Diversity. Hold close those things that make you Unique and those things that make you Sacred.

The Gateway to Higher Realities opens when we say the words I Love You.

I am here to Honor You. I am here to Create a Divine Council of Light and Love. I am here to Freely give the Gift of Magickal Moments and Hidden Treasures. I am here on a Profound Journey of Healing. I am here to Commune with Nature and Embrace the Tribal Spirit. I am here to Nurture and Love all who Bless me with their Presence in my Life. I am here to be a Glorious Light that Blossoms, Blooms, Inspires and Enlightens. I Am Here!

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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