Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Live in Service to Humanity

Live in Service to Humanity and every Breath is a Heartfelt Achievement. A New Consciousness is here and We are all Spiritual Teachers sharing Sacred Holy Words with a Global Congregation of Loving Souls. Connect with your Inner Self in ways Profound and your Life will be filled with Mystic Experiences, Creativity and Spiritual Energy. The Greatest service we can give Humanity is that of Love for when one serves Love, every day is a Feast of Friendship and a Celebration of Life.

A Tribal Perspective creates a Better Reality and a Shamanic State which allows the River of Human Experience to Flow Freely to a Unifying Place of Divine Guidance.

It is We who hold the Rainbow that have the Heart of Gold.

This is an Extraordinary and Miraculous Time. The Coming of Angels is upon us. The day has arrived where Evolution and Harmony will be the Sacred Dance that Connects us to the Universe. Welcome to the Transformation.

Become your own Hero and fulfill your Spiritual Destiny. You are a Unique Soul and by Exploring the Mystery of Who You are you will Experience the Metaphysical as you Adventure into the Beyond.

Awaken to Spirit, Awaken to Inspired Living, Awaken to Laughter and Lightheartedness. Arise and make Profound Changes. Arise and Live Joyfully with Heart. Arise and Think Compassionate Thoughts. Awake and Arise with the Knowledge that Love makes things

Every time you Open your Heart you Change a Spirit and Transform a Soul. It is those small things like a Gentle Touch, a Loving Smile and a Compassionate Hug that have the Greatest Impact. The Meaning of Life is quite Simple we are here to Love and be Loved.

This is a Time of Great Change. A Time of Holy Encounters and Sacred Unions. A Time of Higher Dimensions of Reality. The Awakening of Humanity is upon us. Let us Bless all Humankind and Connect with the Divine. This is a Time to become Inspired. This is a Time to do something Extraordinary. This is a Time to Believe with all your Heart that Dreams come True. The Dove of Peace is Here. The Great White Buffalo is Here. The Butterfly of Beauty is Here. The Time has arrived for all People to Transform into Light and Love.

A Smile is Food from Heaven that Nourishes the Soul with Higher States of Love and Joy.

Step into a Higher Plane of Existence and Experience Union with the Divine. We are all Connected by Angels, Ancients and Ancestors. We are a Family of Light. We are a Family of Love. We are Sacred and Beautiful.

For those who Believe in Magick and Miracles life is an Enlightened Exploration that Celebrates Humanity's Spiritual Evolution.

In a Universe filled with Miracles explore the Richness of Life and make the Reality you need the Reality you Live. A New World is Born with every Breath so Listen to the Whispers of Spirit and Breathe from your Soul. There is a Divine Plan waiting for the Opportunity to reveal itself.

I am a Light that Shines Bright for i have the Sun in my Hand and Heaven in my Heart.

There is Beauty in the Creation of all Things. Trust your Heart as you Travel on the Road to Immortality and Manifest your Highest Self. Allow the Divine Spark within to Light a Path to Wisdom that you may Contribute more Positively to the World. Challenge Perceptions by using your Innate Spirituality to Motivate and Inspire. Life is a Cosmic Symphony and You are a Song. Let the Music of your Soul be the Soundtrack to a Life where Love is the Truth, Beauty and Light of your Existence.

Live your Life in Meaningful ways. Be a Generous Soul and a Positive Cosmic Being. Like a Cloud floating across the Sky to a Place of Light ride the Waves of the Universe to your Place in the Sun.

In a Flowering Universe it is those who are in Love with their Life that fulfill their Spiritual Destiny.

The Breath of God is within us. When we Inhale we accept Love and Light from Heaven. When we Exhale we Release little Miracles that travel Across the Universe touching Souls in ways Profound.

Dreams, Hopes and Desires come to those who when unable to find their Wings our Guided by Spirit to Create their Own for We are Born to Fly.

Listen to the Heartbeat of God and it will become the Music of your Life.


Great Spirit, Divine Messenger of God

I come to you in Gratitude for i have Awakened from the Dream that is Life and found myself in a Reality of Light and Love.

Great Spirit, Divine Messenger of God

Thank You for the presence of Angels in my Life for i have accepted their Guidance and mine has become a journey Heavenly Inspired.

Great Spirit, Divine Messenger of God

Bless You for the boundless Love and Joy you have shown me for through you i have found a Better way to Live and am now ready to Evolve to the next level of Spirituality.

Great Spirit, Divine Messenger of God

I Love You

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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