Friday, August 17, 2012

We are the Prayer

The Human Spirit is a Beacon of Light born of Divinity and Destined to Illuminate Kindness in All things. The Human Heart is a Profound Teacher born of Love and destined to Embrace a Greater Happiness. The Human Soul is a Field of Experience destined to Manifest Wonders and Share Inspirational Messages. We are Messiahs of Spirit, Heart and Soul and ours is a Monastery of Kindness and Compassion where All are Welcomed for All are Loved.

Heartfelt Greetings and Blessings of Love to my fellow Beings of Light. Let us Prepare the Soul for this Dance of Life by Living and Giving Love. Let us make every Breath a Prayer of Thanks. We are Immortal Souls and ours is a Mystical Union destined to Manifest a Blissful Tomorrow.

We Exist together in Harmony we are Ancient Beings of renewed Energy giving Birth to a Whole new Reality. We are the Earth and Sky. We are the Sun and Moon. We are Past, Present and Future. We are the Energy of Life and We are Beautiful.

May we Celebrate the Happiness of others as we Heal our Hearts and Minds. May we Walk in Clouds of Awareness and Dance in the Sunshine of Sacred Creation. May we Create a Dream of Goodwill towards Humanity and May we Live that Dream. We are the Prayer and The Prayer is Love.

We are a Spiritual Community of Gods and Goddesses embraced with an Awakening Love that Touches the Soul and Transforms the World.

And in the Forest i saw a Child made of Love and Leaves whose Pure Beauty served as a Message of Hope that Inspired me to Open the Garden Door to Grace and Gratitude.

Sail with me to a Higher Consciousness where the Door to Enlightenment is always Open. Let us Live a Godly Life as Compassionate Kind Souls awakening all of Humanity to our Uniqueness and Beauty. May ours be a Profound Pilgrimage of Conscious Love that Blesses every Moment. Let us Teach by Being a Powerful Light that Rejuvenates the Spirit and Manifests Miracles. Sail with me to a Higher State of Being where the Door to Heaven is always Open.

Intention and Connection are an Elixir for the Soul which will bring about a Peaceful Joyous State of Collective Transformation.

Seekers of Truth be sure to draw Inspiration from the Sun as you Clear your Mind and Heart to make room for Spiritual Wholeness.

I am Sacred and Earthly, I am Human and Divine, I am a Dream within a Dream, I am You and You are Me, I am Beautiful.

Today i will be Alive in the Moment. I will Encourage the Sun to Shine and the Flowers to Bloom. I will Manifest and Create Miracles that i can Share will all Humanity. Today i will be who i was Born to be. Today I am Love.

The Heavens expand the Horizon for those who Awaken the Spirit and Inspire the Soul. True Freedom and Happiness comes to those who Share the Lightness of their Being. Release the Beloved within and lead a more Compassionate Life. Transformation comes from Giving and Sharing Kindness and Compassion. Live in Joy, Live in Beauty, Live in Freedom. Love every Living thing with Lightness and Ease. Rejoice for in Truth there are no Gates in Heaven for you cant put a Gate on Rivers and Streams.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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