Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Beautiful Bouquet of Love

Commune with your Tribal Spirit and Rediscover your Evolutionary Soul. We are Ancients united in Light. We are Masters with the Ability to make Miracles happen. We are Healers of a Greater Spirituality that are Destined to Awaken this Heavenly World. The Whole Flower Blossoms when Nurtured and Nourished with Love. See the World as a Flower and look at every Living thing with Love in your Heart. Live, Love and Teach for We are Shamans of Transformation on a Journey of Transcendence.

A Life that is Balanced has a Symmetry that Enhances and Enriches like a Beautiful Bouquet of Love.

Nurture, Inspire and Invoke Peace within. Embrace the Gifts of Love, Light and Laughter that surround you for doing this Weaves a Dream that will Create a Beautiful Sanctuary of Reality and Radiance.

You are the Breath of Life that makes the Heart Sing and the Dreams of Life are made Better by your Presence and Essence.

Gifted by the Divine I walk in Wisdoms Light with Love and Compassion for All Humanity.

Every time you Listen when the Mind and Body speak is an Act of Grace. By truly Listening we let our Energy Flow in ways that Benefit all Humankind. I have Listened and I have Transformed.

Shaped by Love and Enchanted by the Earth i wander through Portals of Discovery on a Voyage to Pure Beauty and Bliss.

A Gifted Human Being guided by Angels will Experience the Joy of Love with a Pure Awareness that serves as a Gateway to Inspiration. The Free Soul Dreams not of Hope for it Knows that Happiness is not something you Wish for its something you Create. Believe in your Heart that you are the Sun and the Moon. Believe that you are the Blue Skies of Heaven. Believe that you are a Blessed Creation. Change your Thinking and with Pure Intention create the Happiness you Desire and Deserve.

Free your Heart and Liberate your Soul. Being Who You Are is Lifes greatest Challenge. Those who Transcend are those with the Courage to Embrace the Light of their own Consciousness. We are Immortal Beings at One with the Universe. Free your Thoughts and Celebrate your Spirit. You are Worthy of Great Love.

Care and Kindness are Garments of Love one wears with Pride. Happiness is your own Creation. Life is a work of Art and we are Artists free to Paint any Future we Desire.

The Highest form of Prayer are the words I Love You. Love is the Temple of Truth and Beauty within our Soul. Love is all that Exists in the Heart of God. Love is the Spirit that Glows. Love is Family and Friendship. Love is Inner Harmony and Enlightenment. Love is a Sacred Language as Beautiful as the Sunset. Love is the Energy Flowing inside of You. Light the Way to Heaven by Living the Prayer that is Love. The time has come to embrace Love. Let us Pray!

A Life of Meaning is a Life of Extraordinary Experiences, Divine Light and Sacred Love. To Achieve this Life you need only to Love and Cherish yourself.

Rich with Wisdom are they who Live with Positive Intent. The Heart of Mankind overflows with Love every time a Kind Word is Spoken. Live with Positive Intent and Speak in Kindness.

You are a Beautifully Crafted Sacred Song of Love and Happiness. Close your eyes. Hear the Music. Dance!

We are Teachers and Philosophers. There is a Divine Joy within us which fills our Heart with Deep Love. We are Destined to make a Significant Contribution to the Evolution of Humanity. We were born to Create something Beautiful. If each of us were to Live our Destiny as Truth the Universe would be a Light of Love that calls Heaven Home.

Children of Light look in your Heart and see the Gift of Life. Be a Sacred Dancer that makes the Moon Smile. Be a Butterfly that Dreams of a Clear Blue Sky. Know that you are Divine, Awake and Profoundly Connected to Spirit. Children of Light you are Extraordinary and Compelling. Yours is a Heart on Fire. Within your Soul is an Oracle of Divine Love which Inspires Immense Gratification on your Eternal Voyage. Children of Light I Adore You for I was once a Child of Light and now I am an Ancient of Love.

If you are Aware you are Dreaming you are truly Alive.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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