Friday, August 24, 2012

Barefoot and Free

Barefoot and Free I walk along the Shamanic Highway a Living Manifestation of Divinity. With Mystical Curiosity I see Beyond this Reality to the Temples in the Sky. Mine is a Rainbow Path of Truth, Beauty and Love where Faeries Dance and Angels Sing. I Live my Life with Open Arms and a Soul laid bare for all to See. I Embrace differing Cultures for in Heavens Glory i Believe that We are All One and that when we find our Way Home to Love Peace will prevail on Earth. I am The Ancient One.

Love is the Music of the Soul and those who find their Way to Heaven are the ones with the Courage to Dance.

Naked and Free i Rejoice in a Divine Love that Ventures outside the Box as it takes the Spirit to new Heights of Passion and Ecstasy.

We Inspire the Soul to Smile by Living with Greater Meaning and Loving with Greater Passion.

May all Beings be Happy and May the Dance of Life be a Celebration in Harmony with Earth and Sky.

Smile for you have much to Smile about. You are a Beautiful Spirit. You Travel through this Existence with the Freedom to Choose which Path you will take. Your Heart and Intuition are Priceless Treasures which Lift the Vibration of your Being. You Experience the World with Pure Joy and Boundless Love. Yours is an Evolutionary Journey of Serenity and Contentment. You are Exquisite, Enchanting and Ethereal. Smile!

Have Faith in yourself and Cultivate the Habit of Happiness. Love yourself always and your Life will become an Amazing Miracle of Absolute Beauty and Everlasting Bliss.

God Bless the Children for they are the Heroes that Save us from ourselves and make us Realize that we are All made out of Love.

Be Thankful for the Little Things for they are Blessings in Disguise. Love all People and give Freely of the Kindness in your Heart. This Precious Life is something to be Cherished. Be Grateful for You are Alive and You are Loved.

We all have Dreams and if we Follow our Dreams they will lead us to a River of Spiritual Nourishment where Love is Food for Thought, Heart and Soul.

Embark on an Extraordinary Voyage of Love that Radiates the Divine within and Embraces the Light of Creation. Enlightenment comes through Exploration of Spirit. By making Choices that are deeply Metaphysical and Spiritual you open Portals to other Dimensions and Doorways to Higher Realms.

Live from the Heart, Love from the Soul and Joy and Hope will be your constant Companions. Love creates a Bridge of Light leads to a Destiny of Bliss. It is through Kindness that we develop Sweet Bonds that Dance the Soul Alive. Create the Life you want by wanting others to find Peace, Freedom and Happiness. By choosing a Compassionate Life you Awaken and Heal Humanity. The Sacred Role of Helping Others leads to Landscapes of Love. Welcome to Nirvana! How may I be of Service?

Give Love to others and you Create the Life you Deserve. It is through Service to the Betterment of all Humanity that we Illuminate ourselves and Experience the Miraculous.

A Light that Shines Brilliantly is a Miracle that Gifts the World with Love. The Time has come for Transformation that You may be a Pillar of Light.

Your highest Calling on this Infinite Journey is to Embrace the Glow of Happiness and fill every Moment with Wonder and Contentment.

In my Heart of Hearts I Seek to be a Light that guides your Way. In my Soul of Souls I Inspire a Growing Goodness. In my Spirit of Spirits I Ignite a Flame of Peace, Passion and Purpose. We are Living Poetry and I Love You.

In Heavenly Realms there Exists a Festival of Love where a Cosmic Light and the Touch of God envelope people with increased Aliveness. It is a Celebration of Higher Vibrations and Joyous Transformation where people Dance and Sing in Appreciation and Profound Respect. Let us Gather as one on this Earthly Realm and Create our own Festival of Love. A Celebration of Soul and Spirit where the Sky opens as you Awaken to Ascension.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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