Friday, November 16, 2012

Awakened By Whispers

My Heart is covered with Blossoms that Touch the Soul of others with Beauty and Kindness. Awakened by Whispers from the Spirits and in Love with Life I seek to Impact the Lives of those I meet with Compassionate Wisdom and Ethereal Knowledge.

Small Miracles Shine the Brightest. Let a Child be the one to Teach you how to Love for they approach it from a Place of Purity and Innocence.

I Love my Perfect Imperfection. I Love those Battered and Bruised parts of my Being that make me Unique and Important. I Love being Incomplete for it means I always have a Place to Grow. I Love every Scar for when you put them together they Paint a Portrait of Survival and Spirit. I Love Who I Am for I am a Child of the Universe. I Love my Perfect Imperfection.

Be fully Aware that You are the Fairest Flower. A Beautiful Pearl in Lifes Ocean both Eternal and Ethereal. Fresh and Alive are they who Love who they are.

Happy and Holy are We who Realize that Prayer Liberates the Soul and puts us at Peace with our God.

To be a Pure and Gentle Source of Light which Dances upon Mountains of Magick and Lives in the Joy of Eternity, One must have a Thankful Heart which Drinks from the Cup of Love.

Be Uniquely You and the Heart of every Angel that crosses your Path will Gift your Life with Divine Energy that will Awaken Moments of Love that Transform.

A Soul Inspired by the Flower of Life and Motivated by the Ocean of Love is Divine Gift Immersed in Miracles that brings Joy to the Universe.

Listen to your Heart and Live with the Knowledge that the Highest Vibration of Love is an Act of Enlightenment that creates a Revolutionary Impact.

A Being of Love is as Free as the Sky and as Beautiful as the Universe.

I wish Balance and Blessings for all who wear their Sincerity as a Garment of Spirit for they are the Light which Shines on the Souls of those in need of Guidance.

I find my Way by following the Moonlight of my Soul to a Place of Greater Self Awareness where I am Empowered to move Forward and Live a more Inspiring Life.

The Sound of Laughter is a reminder of the Bliss of Being Alive. Communicating with one another through Laughter is a Glorious Experience that makes the Soul Smile and Opens the Garden Gates to Heaven.

You are a Being of Light and You have the Ability to Create a Beautiful Inner Space where with Loving Intention you can Miraculously Transform your Life.

What is Life after all but an Opportunity to Dance in the Light of Love.

Be True to Who You Are and Embrace the Joy of Being You. Open your Soul and let the Love within Flow Freely. Be deeply Compassionate and find something Beautiful in everything you see. Be a Reality to be Proud of. Be Who You Really Are for Who You Really Are is Magnificent.

I Accept Who I Am. I am Kissed by each Blessing and Inspired by every Soul. I am a Radiant Heart and an Illuminated Spirit. I am Sincere in my Desire to Create a Better World. I am Honest in my Efforts to Impact People in a Positive Way. I am Connected to the Angels and in Communication with the Ancients. I Love Who I Am.

( by Micheal Teal/ The Ancient One )

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