Friday, November 23, 2012

Blessings On Your Journey

Blessings on your Journey. Blessings on the Pure Essence of Love that is your True Self. Blessings on the Eternal Sunshine of your Soul. Blessings on the endless Source of Inspiration within your Heart. Blessings on the Positive Impact you have on peoples Lives. Blessings on your Special Gifts and Awakening Dreams. Blessings!

Messengers of Love and Light flutter around the periphery of our Spirit. If we Listen with our Spirit and See with our Soul we will receive a Message that will Transform our World and Inspire us to Live our Greatness.

Live together in Peace, Love together in Freedom and Rejoice in the Knowledge that Life is Beautiful and so are You.

When we water our Gardens with Love everything in it Blossoms. As you Walk through this Life be sure to Share a Smile with All for doing so will Contribute to Creating an Earthly Garden where every Soul is in Bloom.

Life is meant to be a continuous Journey of Sacred Sharing and Divine Love where with Clear Awareness and Positive Thought people join Together as One under God.

Every now and then We must Clean the Window to our Soul that We may better See the unfolding Miracles that occupy our World.

Transform your Reality by Walking a Path of Well Being and Spirit. Change your Life by by Creating something Beautiful that Embraces your Empathic Nature. Be the Bliss that is your Birthright.

Love is a Life Altering embrace that Brightens the Spirit and Rejuvenates the Soul.

Embrace your Shadows for it is by Walking through the Darkness that we find our True Light. The Shadows are filled with Extraordinary Experiences for those Brave enough to Face their Fears. Balance creates Beauty and Blessings that fill the Heart and Soul with Love.

To be a Spiritual Warrior of Wisdom, Beauty and Grace is to Choose a Life that Journeys beyond this Plane into Realms of Revelation and Revolution where each Breath is an Epiphany that brings you closer to God.

The most Meaningful Message we can Share with Humanity is to Love Wholeheartedly with the Purest of Intentions.

Increased Awareness of the Invisible Life that surrounds You will Empower your Heart and Soul as it Guides you to Treasured Moments which Inspire your World.

Deep and Gentle Wisdom has a Positive Impact for it Embraces your Passions and Shapes your Beliefs with Love.

Connect with the Soul World and it will Guide you on a Profound Journey of Spirit to a Place that is Sacred where Life is a Colorful Tapestry of Diversity and Divinity.

The Marriage of Compassion and Intuitive Insight creates a Loving Self Awareness which Facilitates Transformation, Joy and Contentment.

Romance the Divine by Fostering a Deeper Understanding of People from all Walks of Life. Embrace many different Cultures and your Spirit Self will unfold Magickally and yours will be a Heavenly and Holistic Existence of Vision where all your Dreams come True.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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