Friday, November 30, 2012

Embrace the Divine Within

Listen to your Heartbeat and let its Ethereal Rhythm guide you to Embrace the Divine within and Transform your Life in ways that have a Positive Impact on Humanity.

Life is an Extraordinary Fantasy for those of us who have Danced with Faeries, Run with the Unicorns and Rode on the Mothership for We are Joyous in the Belief that Life is meant to be something More.

Embrace with Gratitude the Greatness of your Being and Decorate your Spirit with Joy for a Life infused with Love, Light and Laughter is one which Dances Freely in a Heavenly Place between Reality and Imagination.

The Flower of our Existence when watered with Love will Bloom in ways Magickal and Miraculous.

I caught my Inner Self and Outer Self playing the Game of Life today. There is a Beauty to Balance that makes our Existence all the more Enjoyable.

Upon hearing a Child Laugh I knew in my Heart that the True Beauty of Life is the Purity and Innocence that Children are Blessed with.

It is by Speaking with Kindness that We can make the Greatest difference. Angels and Spirit Guides rejoice when we let Love be our Gift to the World. Treat me with Love and I can hold the Moon in my Hands and the Sun in my Heart.

The Greatest Miracles occur when we Ignite the Flame of Hope with the Essence of Love.

A Loving Embrace can Heal the Soul for it uses the Higher part of Yourself to Serve the Greater Good.

Create Unique Experiences by Climbing the Mountain of Awareness for our Guides give Messages to us when we are Ready and Aware.

Graceful and Welcoming is the Love that Enhances the Lives of others for it Embraces the World with Joys and Pleasures that always provide a Positive Outcome.

The Wind Whispers Songs of Mother Earth and We her Children need only Dance to make the World a Better Place.

Deep Personal Transformation occurs when we Realize that the Universe within us is the true Heaven and We in all our Glory are God.

I am Transformed for I am the Light. Glory be to All who Embrace their Light and Live their Divinity.

Explore what is Possible. Turn Possibilities into Realities. Empower yourself with Possibilities. The Impossible becomes Possible when we choose Belief over Fear.

Magickal things happen to those of us who Believe in Faeries for ours is a Life of Spiritual Exploration where Dreams are Realities Crafted from Love.

If you Choose a Life of Prayer and Intention which Honors Sacred Mother Earth your Journey will be Blessed with Angelic Visitations that will Connect you with Kindred Souls of Divine Light.

Let us gather in a Place of Beauty where the Light of Heaven enters our Soul and the Voice of the Ancients whisper Words of Love which Guide us to Great Epiphanies and Spiritual Transformation.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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