Friday, December 07, 2012

The Light Of Eternity

You are Divine and Beautiful. A Flower in the Gardens of Heaven and Earth. The Light of Eternity shines in your Eyes for yours is a Life Immortal.

When we Connect with who we Truly are we Invest in a Profoundly Spiritual Future of Life Changing Transformation. Have the Courage to be Yourself and your Reward will be a Life of Beauty where Miracles happen.

The Miracle of Life is an Expression of Love from the Heavens. We are Children of Light born Beautiful, Unique and Profoundly Spiritual. The Dawn of a New Reality is upon us and it Beckons a Time of Peace, Love and Understanding.

I look out over the Mountain of my Existence and I see the Beauty before me and I am Blessed for in that Beauty i see the Face of God and She looks just like You.

My Life is awash with Angelic Energies and Unique Opportunities. I attract these things because I have Purity of Intent and the Wisdom of the Ancients. We all have Greatness within us waiting to be set Free. Accept your Magnificence and Share the Beauty of your Existence for You are a Masterpiece.

You are a Finely Crafted work of Art connected Beautifully to an ever changing Universe. Live the Life you Deserve for you are something Special.

Life is Alchemical. It is something that We can Change at any Moment. The Key to Transformation is Belief. Believe you are Worthy, Believe you are Special, Believe you are Gifted and Believe you are Beautiful. A Better Life and A Better World begin with the words I Believe.

Love your Life Purpose and Respect your Unique Special Gifts for doing so Creates a Joyous Energy which will Guide you on a Holy Adventure that will Change your World.

A Gentle Touch can make yours a Heartwarming Story of a Path to a Positive Future. Kindness Creates Kindness. Kindness Generates Kindness and Kindness Inspires Kindness. Be Kind by Sharing your Light and Love in ways that Touch the Soul.

The Spirit Soars in the Moonlight of an Extraordinary Day when we Embrace the Reality that being Kind and Generous is something that Empowers Growth and Change.

The Light of Awareness shines Brightly on those who are Spiritually Centered and Grounded for they are the ones who truly Believe in Love.

It is in Service to others that I find Profound Inner Peace.

Clarify your Intent with Moments of Light which Illuminate the fact that this is a Sacred Dance of Evolving Souls and We are Beings of Wonder and Splendor.

Sing not only for the Shower but for every Moment of your day. Life is meant to be a Celebration. It is our Destiny to Sing, Dance and Play.

Our Love is Sacred. It is a Beautiful Star in the Divine Galaxy. We are Celestial Beings and our Love gives Birth to Transforming Light. Our Love is Sacred.

Allow more Happiness into your Life by approaching every day with Childlike Joy. Return to the Innocence of Youth for it is there that the Heart is most open to Divine Light and Love. We can all experience Peace, Beauty and Bliss by Learning how to Frolic in the Playground of our Soul.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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