Friday, December 14, 2012

Bless the Earth for She is our Mother

The Feminine Spirit nourishes the Earth in Ways which make us Happy and Whole. Bless the Earth for She is our Mother and every Tree and Flower are our Siblings.

All of us have Dreams worthy of Great Respect. The Key to Life is to create Realities worthy of Great Respect. We are Spiritual Alchemists and at any time We have the Ability to Transform our Lives into something Beautiful.

I am Thankful for my Heavenly Journey. I am Thankful for the Shared Experience of Life. I am Thankful for Little Things. I am Thankful for the Goodness growing inside me. I am Thankful for the Boundless Love of Friends and Family. I am Thankful for You and I am Thankful for Me. I am Thankful. Thank You.

Yours is an Ocean of Bliss in a Universe of Beauty where all you need do to be Happy is Float in the Freedom of your Destiny.

Love is like a Beam of Light from the Heart which Immerses us in Great Joy. It is a Sacred Unfolding which fills our Soul with Rainbows of Bliss and Transformation. Love is that which makes us One. To be in Love is to be Alive.

Empowered with the Highest Intent I walk a Path of Love as I seek to bring people Together in Light.

Butterfly Kisses give my Soul Wings that I may Fly to a place of Mystical Visions and Infinite Blessings.

Reverence for the Earth is a Miraculous Gift that when Shared creates a Light of Love which Embraces all Humanity.

Spiritual Growth is Enhanced by the Little Joys in Life. A Life well Lived is a Life of Simplicity. The Simpler we make our Lives the more Sacred they become. Remove Obstacles, Alleviate Stress, Vanquish Anxiety and Banish Anger. Its not what we acquire which makes us Happy its what we let go of. Simplify your Life and your Life will be Simply Beautiful.

Intuitively Spiritual I Journey into Consciousness guided by an Esoteric Love and a Profound Vision.

Naked and Free is the Innocence of a Child for their Heart is Open and their Soul is Pure.

At my core is a Message of Hope. What my Heart is saying is that we Shape our Future in a Positive way when we Walk in Light and Live in Love.

I am a Blossoming Rose in a Fertile Garden of Inspired Awareness waiting for the Sun to Rise that I may show my true Beauty.

Angels come to visit me and I am Immersed in Profound Beauty and Meaning as they Bless me with Transformational Power and an ever Expanding Love.

Bring Love and Compassion with you always and yours will be a Voyage of Discovery which Empowers your Soul as it helps Humankind Awaken.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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