Friday, December 21, 2012

Bless Every Moment With Kindness

Bless every moment with Kindness. Kindness is the Inspiration which will Awaken all Humanity to live a Life of Positive Thought and Loving Action.

We have a Universe of Light and Love within us waiting to be Born.

i have slept on the street while still living my truth and accepting the sacredness of my being. i have been threatened at gunpoint while still sharing a message of hope and loving who i am. i have walked deeply into darkness while still uplifting spirits and embracing the beauty of my soul. i refuse to be defined by my struggles. i am a man of courage and generosity whose mission in life is to elevate those around me. i have loved....

i cherish others for the spirit in me realizes that we are all glorious angels and that a life built from love breathes in beauty and impacts people in ways positive and profound.

in prayer i become fully present and the lightness of my heart reaches into celestial realms and touches the hand of god.

Grand and Glorious are they who are Positive and Happy for they are the Enlightened Souls which Inspire us to Fall in Love with Life.

The Face of Nature is a Beauty that Cultivates Esoteric Thought and Inspires Expanded Awareness.

I have the Freedom to Choose so I choose Love. Emerge from the darkness into a new found Freedom. The REvolution is here and We as Global Citizens must claim what is ours. Live your Freedom, Love your Freedom and Believe in your Freedom. We must not only Embrace our Freedom but demand that ALL be Free. We must Dance in our Freedom as we Fight for the Freedom of others for We are only Free if we Stand in our Freedom with an Outstretched hand to Greet all those who Seek what we have. Be Free and in your Freedom release others from their Shackles.

I am Rich in Spirit and Alive with Joy for I hate no One and I Love Myself.

Inspiration and Insight come the Moment we put down our weapons and Open our Hearts.

Blessed is the Soul that sees a Glimpse of God in every Smile and a piece of Heaven in every Heart.

Transformation is Possible if we Support each other with Joy and Laughter. We can Build a new World by making all our Prayers be for the Benefit of others. Kindness should not be a random act but an Innate part of who we are. The day it becomes Natural and Normal to be Kind is the day that Life and Love become One.

It is when we stop to See how Beautiful Life really is that we Experience Heaven in all its Glory.

I Live my Life as an Ancient Prayer of Radiant Glory. I Live every Breath as a Celebration of Who I Am. I Live with a Smile on my Soul and Love in my Heart. I Live with Inspiration as my constant Companion. I Live!

In Celestial Realms I Dance with Angels for I have always known that Heaven is in the Heart and Paradise is in the Soul.

Bring Happiness and Light with You in everything you do. Bring Joy and Peace with You everywhere you go. Its what we carry with us that dictates our future. Carry stress, anger, anxiety.... and yours will be a bleak future. Carry Hope, Inspiration and Love and yours will be a Future filled with Beautiful Souls and Enlightening Experiences.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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