Friday, November 09, 2012

Worship The Day

Worship the Day with indestructible Enthusiasm and yours will be a more Purposeful Life of Infinite Possibilities and Spiritual Significance.

We are constantly Evolving and the day is upon us when we will Awaken to the Radiance of our Spirit and Rise above the Mountains of Existence to a place of complete Happiness and Sacred Beauty.

I live in an Ethereal World where I make my own Magick with the Earth, Moon and Stars as my Companions.

In every Star i see the Possibility of a Brighter Tomorrow. I see the Beauty of the Universe and the Glory of God. I see my Soul and the Light of a new Day where All people live in Love, Peace, Freedom and Kindness.

Within your Soul there is a place of Celebration where you can connect to your Heartself and Manifest your Truth and Destiny.

Immerse yourself in the Heaven of Freedom for it is a Delicate and Subtle place where your Soul connects to the Universe and the Impossible becomes Possible.

Make every moment Sacred by creating Truth and Beauty in everything you do and yours will be a Life that Blossoms like a Flower.

Your Soul Expands every time you you Shower the World with Blessings and Let your Light Shine.

We are Branches on the Tree of Life connected to the Earth by Love.

There are Beautiful Landscapes of Love within our Souls. It is when we allow ourselves the Freedom to bring out the Radiance within that we Immerse ourselves in Sacred Transformation and make Positive choices which Nourish the Body Temple and Inspire Holiness.

Create a Living Universe of Love by Living your Higher Purpose and Helping every individual have a more Joyful Life. To serve Connects us with Angels and Creates an Ethereal Transformation that Kisses the Face of God.

In the Eyes of every Soul on Earth you can See the Wisdom of the Ancients, The Knowledge of the Elders and the Beauty of the Ancestors.

If you can bring a Smile to the Face of another Human Being then you have Gifted their Soul with something of Spirit whose Beauty will Change their Life.

Live the Highest in yourself and contribute Positively to Humanity by releasing the Natural Bliss of your Soul, for to be a Leader of Change one must Radiate Divine Grace and Love Who they Are.

An Enlightened Society is built upon the Mystical Marriage of Light and Love. To Create a Better World we need only Shine our Light and Share our Love.

Life is meant to be a Cosmic Dance of Love where everyone has a Partner and the Music never stops.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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