Friday, July 05, 2013

The Sacred Heart Is A Profound Gift

The Sacred Heart is a Profound Gift which Uplifts and Empowers as it Blossoms. Live within the Beauty of your Sacred Heart and you will Experience the Light of who You are in ways that are Liberating and Insightful.

We Experience a Miracle every time a Child Laughs. We Experience a Miracle every time a Stranger Smiles. We Experience a Miracle every time someone Holds us Close. Life is a Miracle and the Moment we truly understand that We Experience a Miracle.

release the beauty of your inspiring soul that it may move others to change and evolve in ways that reach deep within to a different realm of existence where you realize your true magnificence and say yes to yourself.

A Fresh Perspective and a Positive Message leave a Unique Imprint on the Soul which Inspires and Compels others to Heal, Grow and Transform.

The Heart is a Sacred Temple of Illuminated Truth that brings forth Love. Live within your Heart and and the Energy of Love will take you to Higher Dimensions where you Experience the Wonder and Beauty of your Earthly and Heavenly Existence.

There is a Light Guiding you at all times. It matters not whether it is the Sun, the Moon or the Light inside for We are Beings of Light, from Light we are Born and to Light we will Return.

Life is a Beautiful Story of Positive Experiences when yours is a Purposeful Path of Holistic Transformation. Live Authentically and Gracefully and yours will be a Life of Manifested Dreams. We earn our Wings by Living our Truth, Loving our Life and Believing in Ourself.

Sail with me on an Ocean of Change and we will go to a place of Self Discovery and Enlightenment where Dreams are Born and Miracles are Experienced with every Breath.

If you Follow your Heart you will live Joyously and Enhance your Whole Life with the Healing Power of Love.

There is a place Deep Inside where Joyful Magnificence Dances with Playful Spirit as Love Smiles Knowingly at the Beauty of it All.

i am a free spirited explorer of profound insight on a path of deeper meaning. i seek the highest truth and i embrace an inner joy that dwells in the heart. i am a practitioner of spirit with wondrous gifts that i wish to share with all humanity. every day is a blessed day for every day is an opportunity to touch a soul and change a life. i am the ancient one.

Be True to Yourself and show Gratitude for Life as doing so opens the Portal of Love within and makes yours a Path to Sacredness and Positive Transformation.

Take the Time to Relax and Connect to your Essence for it is when we Breathe in the Beauty of our Sacred Self that we find the Highest Truth and Live the Highest Life.

It is when we Open the Gateway to Discovery that Miracles happen for it is at that Moment the Spirit Awakens and the Sacred Dance of Transformation begins.

Your Beauty makes me Feel more Alive. Your Loving Heart replenishes my Spirit. The Inherent Goodness within your Soul fills me with Grace and Gratitude. You are an Unfolding Miracle. You are Positive Loving Energy. Believe it. Embrace it. Accept it and Love it for it is You and it is True.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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