Friday, July 12, 2013

Dance Upon The Earth

Live your true nature, Celebrate Diversity, Orchestrate a Universal Dance of Love and let the Winds of God take you to a Garden in the Sun where you Speak your Truth, Transcend the Ordinary, Dance upon the Earth and Cultivate a lifetime of Joy!

May yours be a path of truth where the divine spark of inspiration guides you to a kingdom of infinite possibilities where joy is everywhere and May you Illuminate the path to awareness and awaken the peace within as you open yourself to enlightened living. For the dawning of a newborn sun is upon us and we are given the task of casting rainbows and sharing sacred knowledge.

Plant seeds of new possibilities and yours will be a path to revelation where visions of hope and beauty inspire the soul. Embrace all paths, Discover diversity, Rejoice in the Light and seek to encompass the spiritual heritage of humankind. The universe is one song. Make earth friendly choices and the voice of your heart will tell tales of love that make the spirit sing.

Embrace your essence and celebrate the beauty of the human imagination as you Inspire the purpose within by transcending limitations and achieving self mastery. See your life clearly for you are a breath of inspiration and yours is a soul flowering from within guided by the divine.

Live profoundly in esoteric significance as you swim through the waters of hope to the shores of love unbound. Liberate your talents and let the creative expression of your uniqueness be a beacon of inspiration for all humankind. Our souls adventure is one of purposeful intention guided by the divine. It is your destiny to thrive and blossom. Be a garment of illumination that clothes the soul in beauty and truth.

The blueprint of your being is heaven blessed and ready for you to build a foundation of peace, beauty, bliss and love! Allow the fruit of your soul to project loving thoughts that welcome enchantment and inspire greatness as you Walk in peace where the grass is green and plant seeds of lovingkindness.

Make your life a meaningful prayer of hope and peace where all beings are vessels of love sailing on seas of happiness to a place of bliss. Your true path in life is to embrace your own experience and cultivate acceptance as you plant seeds of change and serve your divinity. The magic of this and all moments is that we have the choice to love. Feel Love, See Love, Touch Love, Share Love, Hold Love and Be Love!

The road to a happy destiny is inspired by angels of love, peace, freedom and joy. Live in complete truth and trust your own intuition and you will leave a cosmic footprint that will guide believers to a place of bliss.

The radiant essence of your being serves as a beacon that all may see the glory and majesty of your soul. Enrich the world by cultivating awareness and using your creative vision to shine a light on the beauty of spirit. Be your own Guide, Manifest what you Wish and Share your Unique Gifts as you Speak your Truth and Journey to the Heart of the Divine. Embrace your gifts and leave a sacred imprint that awakens inner peace and connects with the essence of Humanity.

Stimulate your Soul, Engage your Goals, Walk in Harmony and Create a Path of light as you manifest a World of Angelic Love and Happiness. Recognize the truly divine and integrate spirit into everyday life as you Engage the heart and let the full bloom of lifes magnificence lead you to your unique soul purpose.

When the rose of love blooms then the gardens of life will provide a harvest that nurtures the spirit and nourishes the soul. Live with positive thoughts and embrace the divine presence within as you Journey into the Light, Deepen your Spiritual Knowledge and Live your Higher Self.

Ours is a great and wondrous universe of creative uniqueness and holistic inspiration. Connect to your spirits wisdom and embrace positive change as you establish harmony and further your souls development. Reach across the heavens and discover your limitless potential, by doing so you become the unique light is this world you were meant to be. Explore the deeper meaning of life by engaging the spirit that lives within you and by being a divine source of energy and love.

Life is a celebration of love and joy that inspires the spirit. Let the fire of your intention be a beacon that guides all to lovingkindness. Inhabit awareness and serve humanity angelic offerings that will lead all you communicate with to a place of celestial awakening. The dance of creation is one of omnipresent energy where if you allow your soul the freedom it deserves you will find your piece of heaven.

Let your life be a healing prayer that nurtures the spiritual. Communicate with love and the music of life will be a symphony of joy where you Access your inner guidance and journey to transformation as you discover your purpose.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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