Friday, July 19, 2013

We Are All Souls Of Light And Beauty

Be your own Guide, Manifest what you Wish and Share your Unique Gifts as you Speak your Truth and Journey to the Heart of the Divine. Embrace your gifts and leave a sacred imprint that awakens inner peace and connects with the human spirit. Let the light flow through you and the healing energy of the cosmos will transform your soul.

We are all souls of light and beauty who fire the eternal flame of love. Illuminate a path to a spiritual place where joy abides and you will positively impact the world.

Bring vitality to your life by embracing your passions and honouring the teacher within. Be a greater living presence in the universe by engaging the heart and making your environment an angelic kingdom of peace, freedom and joy. Create your reality as you Make your life a river of love flowing freely into an ocean of beauty and bliss.

Discover your souls purpose and yours will be a life of blessings and abundance. Go beyond perceptions on a transcendental journey to the purely divine where the universal language is love and bliss is your birthright.

Transform your world, Speak your passion, Create your vision and embrace the the wisdom of the gods and the sweetness of life will be yours. Keep a special place in your heart for your unique spirit and breathe in peace as you journey to he womb of love.

We are guardians of the earth connected by soul and spirit. Love the earth and you love yourself and all living things. Explore alternative lifestyles and ideas for every soul can teach us and every spirit can touch us in a way both positive and enlightening. When we live with a peaceful heart we create a joyful life of unique blossoming and illuminating insights.

Find the music within and let the symphony of your soul play a song of love, kindness and compassion where you Honour your innate gifts and live life joyfully.

Live your true nature, Celebrate Diversity, Orchestrate a Universal Dance of Love and let the Winds of God take you to a Garden in the Sun.

You are a divine gift. The sun and moon are within you. Explore human nature and the joy of spirit. Find and live your purpose as you inspire to create change. Elevate your imagination to new heights and seek to make a difference in the world. Rejoice in your gifts for they are many and you were born to share the magnificence of your being.

The divine essence within you is one of beauty that will inspire your soul and bring you closer to heaven. Let your heart be a watering hole for the spirit and let love be the drink that quenches its thirst.

Make yours an inspirational garden where you live in harmony with the natural landscape and you will experience radiant bliss beyond words. Make every moment a choice, every breath a prayer and joy will envelope you like raindrops from heaven. Be a source of light and beauty by cultivating higher values and dreaming your world into being. Yours is an evolutionary path of light and a sacred cycle of transformation. Allow your souls compass to lead you to love.

Lift your voice and let your soul dance for life is a celebration and happiness is a song. Unleash your unique essence and walk a path of spiritual transformation as you manifest a life of meaning, purpose and joy. Be a painter of thoughts and make yours a masterpiece of love.

Hope sparkles in every heart. Walk a path of peace, beauty and relaxation where the waters of love run deep for the evolving human spirit is in bloom and with each blossom we manifest planetary oneness.

Let the Winding Pathway of your Soul lead you to a Lush Garden of Peace and Tranquility where the Heart Blooms and the Spirit Dances. Live in Harmony with the Higher Spirit and Shine a Light upon your Inward Path as you Live your Life with your Greatest Joy! Begin the day with Love!

May the great spirit walk with you always and may the holy grail within your soul nourish you that you may taste heaven.

Miracles happen every day if we listen to the Heart and Live in a constant state of LovingKindness! You have divinely gifted abilities that are blessings of love and light. Share them and yours will be a liberated life of spirit and soul. Let your Inner Child Sing for there is Enlightenment Within You!

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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