Thursday, October 30, 2014

That Place Where Love Flows Freely

embrace your essence and share your deepest gifts that the universe may see within you that place where love flows freely.

commit to positive living by transforming the way you see life for a new perspective will leave you feeling empowered in a way that releases the divine energizing force within and leads you to your higher purpose.

there are angels everywhere. some are friends. some are family. some are strangers and some are those blessed souls who have walked this earth before. see with eyes of spirit the truth and beauty around you. see your true self and know that there are angels everywhere and you are one of them.

awareness of the divine will help you intuitively navigate your life to sacred landscapes of light and love where you may spend your days in the warm embrace of those who see compassion and kindness as gifts to be shared.

we experience growth and spiritual independence when we seek to manifest a magickal life of blissful consciousness and beautiful connections in which we are enlightened and empowered by the healing power of rewarding interactions and positive intentions.

love being you. walk a path of spiritual growth. make inspired changes. love being you. listen to the calling of your soul. free your divine spirit. love being you. live your beauty. embrace your magnificence. love being you.

you are something unique. you are a most beautiful creation. yours is a generous heart of intoxicating beauty. you are energized and alive in a way that promotes positive beliefs and spiritual reflection. you are a being of love who lives for the good of all. you are something ethereal.

all things magickal come from choices and actions which are open hearted and generous.

fully participate in knowing yourself more. make a conscious effort to create a reality that engages heart and soul in ways most positive. take great pride and joy in manifesting a more harmonious life. greatness is something we build with love. commit to making yours a path of grace, glory and greatness.

we are souls in bloom. souls of hope and inspiration. souls of love and light. souls of beauty and truth. love your soul with all your heart. love your heart with all your soul. we are spirits in transformation...

we empower our spirit and soar to new heights when we accept that we are a wonderful gift and fall in love with our life.

your angels and spirit guides gift you with celestial messages to help you find direction in your life through inner and outer healing. open your mind, body and soul that you may hear their truth and your life will become one of magickal moments and mystical experiences.

live for the benefit of others and you will walk a path of angelic encounters where you renew your spirit every time you give to others. live for the benefit of yourself and you will walk a path of divine connections where you awaken your soul every time you give to yourself. live a life that is meaningful. live a life that is significant. live a life that is beneficial. live your true self. love for the benefit of others....

we are guides and teachers. we are messengers and mystics. we are gods and goddesses. if we approach each moment in our life as an opportunity to teach, learn, love and grow ours will be a journey of beauty to a place of bliss where joy is a way of life.

yours is a lifelong spiritual odyssey of ever changing realities all which are meant to lead to your special purpose which is building a home made of love.

a greater capacity for love comes from a greater commitment to seeking new pathways and performing little miracles. you are a sacred loving person and with every act of kindness you add to the beauty of your heart and soul.

if you accept and acknowledge the presence of spirits you connect with the universe on a deeper level and are better able to create a loving environment where lives are beautifully changed by compassionate awareness and awakened love.

( by MicHEAL Teal / The Ancient One )

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